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CSI: Cyber - Kidnapping 2.0 - Advance Preview

Patricia Arquette may have an Oscar, but even she can’t save this series. With CSI’s days looking numbered, CBS’s attempt to continue to milk the cow that is the CSI franchise falls way short of the mark, with its premiere episode failing to deliver on virtually all aspects.

One thing that I was relatively impressed by is the show’s ability to make a kidnapping case related to technology. When I initially heard the premiere’s title and synopsis, I was sceptical as to how a Cyber Crimes unit would be useful, but the episode featured a plethora of computer-related leads. Peter MacNicol was his usual impressive self, despite how little he was utilised, and though there was nowhere near enough character development for my liking, they set things up for development in later episodes, which is something to note, I suppose. Also, as a huge lover of The Who, it was nice to hear ‘I Can See For Miles’ to open the episode.

Unfortunately for the show, that list of strengths is pretty exhaustive. Though the show has the CSI name to it, Cyber feels like a CSI in no way, shape or form. The show I can compare it to the most is Scorpion, yet unlike Scorpion, Cyber’s characters are far less interesting and enjoyable to watch. Fans of the CSI franchise who are expecting a continuation of the style with which the mothership, Miami and New York had their success should look elsewhere.

The intensity is high, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing given the circumstances of the case, but it does make it feel far too detached from the franchise. Even the way the show is shot seems off. There’s a lot of unnecessary slow-motion that detracts hugely from the scenes where it is used effectively – though there are very few of them.

As aforementioned, the character development is far from strong. Only Arquette’s Avery Ryan is developed with specific information from her past – revealing to the audience why she joined the FBI and the Cyber Crimes unit. Shad Moss (Bow Wow)’s Brody Nelson is revealed to have had a past as a hacker, and has only been assigned to Ryan’s unit to keep him out of prison, but that’s all that is revealed about him and the other characters.

Personally I felt that though Arquette was fine in the role, her acting still left something to be desired, and the same can be said for the remainder of the cast. The combination of some weak acting and a lack of character development made it very hard for me to enjoy watching the characters.

CBS sent SpoilerTV the first three episodes of CSI: Cyber, and I’ve felt no interest in watching the second or third episode. In an age where television is at its prime with a plenitude of outstanding shows, the latest in the CSI franchise is far from enough to keep me watching.

CSI: Cyber premieres on CBS on Wednesday 4th March at 10pm. Will you be watching? Let me know down in the comments, and if you have any (non-spoilery) questions about the premiere then leave them below and I will try to answer them.

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