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Girls - The Bounce & What Will We Do This Time About Adam - Double Review

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   Girls final season has turned out to be one of the best season of the show. The different themes and storylines explored this year for all the characters are all very interesting and entertaining. After six years, the girls are finally growing up.
   "The Bounce" heavily focused on Elijah and his attempt to become an actor. Honestly, I didn’t like the episode much, as I’m not a fan of Elijah. I’ve never really understood his value to the show, it has nothing to do against Andrew Rannells. I’ve seen him in other show and I liked him, but not on Girls. I just can’t stand Elijah, he's too much. He had some good moments, his dance rehearsal with the basketball was hilarious. Otherwise, I didn’t see the real point of of his scenes, and I didn’t care.

   What I liked from "The Bounce" was Marnie’s parts, finally facing real world problems, as she was going to be evicted from her apartment. She had money troubles, and she had to confront reality, not the bubble she used to live in. It’s a hard times for her, but it will definitely help grown and maybe it’ll help her ego-centrism. She has become even worst than ever this season, she really needs to come back to Earth.
   Finally, in "The Bounce", Hannah decided to tell Paul Louis about the baby, and she simply took her phone. I thought she would try to reconnect with him before announcing him the big news. Paul Louis was, as always, cool and relaxed. Clearly, and no surprise here, he wasn’t ready to be a father. He was shocked by the news, but relieved that Hannah didn't expect anything from him.
   Yet, Hannah was still disappointed by his reaction. After making a big deal about telling the father or not, his absence of real reaction made Hannah questioned herself. Maybe, it wasn't a good idea to tell the father as everybody else suggested.

   "What Will We Do This Time About Adam" was a much better episode of Girls, even though it featured Adam prominently. He had an epiphany, since he made the movie about Hannah and himself, and he decided he wanted to raise Hannah’s baby with her. Of course, Jessa wasn’t exactly thrilled at his idea, still being jealous. So jealous, it even made her puke later, or is she also pregnant ? It could be the right thing to switch back Adam’s focus to herself.
   After Paul Louis rejection when she broke him the news, Hannah welcomed Adam and his happy proposal at first. I don’t know if it was the hormones, the latest rejection or the society expectations of what a mother should be (=in a relationship and not raise her baby alone), but anyhow, Hannah enjoyed her time with Adam. And I must say, even if I still think they’re much toxic to one another, it was sweet and fun to watch together, happy and carefree.

   One of my favorite moment was Hannah and Adam comparison between having a baby, losing one’s virginity or having a first sleep over. Their stories were cute, it showed the unknown is always scary at first, because you don’t know what will happen, what to expect, but once you did it, it gets easier and the scary part slowly disappears. It was a nice analogy.
    But the best moment of the episode was certainly when Adam proposed to Hannah. He really did it. Like these two could get married. After having a baby, that would be probably the second biggest mistake they could do. At first, I didn’t understand Hannah’s tears, was she emotional about the proposal or did she just realize it was a terrible idea. Luckily, it meant she finally realized getting back, or even married to Adam wasn’t a solution, and it won’t allow her to go forward with her new life, it would only send her back to her past.

  "What Will We Do This Time About Adam" also focused on Ray and Sosh. Finally, I was thrilled Sosh was back. She was super fun and sweet with Ray. I really like them together, they’re perfect, so complementary. But I was a big disappointed when Sosh’s friend arrived and she created a real connection with Ray, which felt even more natural and obvious than Ray and Sosh’s. Damn, Sosh can not have a real storyline this year, her only big moment was her rebellion against her cousin.    
   Anyways, Ray spent the day with his new friends, and I must say their experience in Brooklyn, questioning the people and listening to all those touching stories was a great and warm moment. It has been a long time since New York was used as a character, an essential part of the show, and it was super romantic. And, of course, they had to kiss at the end ! (and it was probably the most awkward kiss ever)

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