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Eureka & Warehouse 13 - Holiday Episode Details

It's a sunny 75 degrees in Orlando, Fla. on Monday (Oct. 11), a contrast to the subject at hand at the first panel of the Syfy Press Tour: The special holiday episodes of "Warehouse 13" and "Eureka."

Stars and frequent crossover love interests Allison Scagliotti (Claudia on "Warehouse 13") and Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo on "Eureka") take to the stage in the Venetian ballroom of the Loew's Portofino Hotel to discuss the merrymaking.

Both holiday episodes will air on Dec. 7 and should work as stand-alones. On "Eureka," a snowbound Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) tells a holiday flashback story. Guest stars will be Matt Frewer and Chris Parnell who might be more than just the scientist he presents himself to be.

On "Warehouse 13," the flashback will be told parable-style and feature Myka (Joanne Kelly). In the episode, Claudia wants to get the whole gang together for a family-like holiday celebration, which requires that she get Artie's (Saul Rubinek) dad (played by Judd Hirsch) into the action. Her older brother Joshua (Tyler Hines) also drops by. Scagliotti also reveals that she'll utter a Yiddish phrase by the end of the episode.

Source: Zap2it

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