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Smallville - Season 10 - First Look At Isis

Smallville may make us wait until the bitter end to see Tom Welling in his Superman suit, but on the October 22 episode we'll get to see Lois costumed as another Superfriend. An ancient artifact transforms the reporter into the Egyptian goddess Isis, who has powers that rival both Clark's and Green Arrow's.

"She's thousands of years old," says Erica Durance, whose Lois has previously dressed as a gladiator, French maid and dominatrix. "The guys just kind of look at me now and laugh."

In the episode, Isis attempts to sacrifice Clark and use his body as a vessel to revive her mummified lover Osiris, while Daily Planet reporter Cat comes to suspect Lois is the Blur. On the November 12 episode, Teri Hatcher, who played Lois on the 1990s version Lois & Clark, appears as Lois' dead mom in a videotaped message.

"Lois is dealing with how she fits into Clark's life now that she knows his secret, so [viewing the tape] helps her," says Erica. Adds Teri, "I'm at a place where I feel a lot of sentimental attachment to that character, to the show, to the genre of that timeless story, so I was really flattered that they asked."

Source: TV Guide

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