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Sullivan's Crossing - Truth and Consequences - Review: The Truth comes to Light

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The latest episode of "Sullivan's Crossing" plunged viewers back into the gripping drama with an intensity that fans of the series have come to love. There were a lot of heavy themes at play during the hour, including Sully finally making his important confession to Lola. An event that is sure to leave ripple effects on everyone at the Crossing. 

Picking up right where the last episode left off, Cal's sister, Sedona, experienced a harrowing seizure at the Outpost. Luckily, Maggie was there to assist, and the tension was palpable as Cal insisted on taking Sedona to the hospital, only for her to refuse. Meghan Ory's portrayal of Sedona's seizure was nothing short of masterful, delivering a lifelike and emotionally charged performance. 

The following day, Cal moved Sedona to his cabin, worried sick about her well-being. Their sibling dynamic was heartwarming yet fraught with underlying tension. Cal's confrontation with Sedona about her honesty revealed that this wasn’t her first seizure, leading to the revelation that her condition might be what is called “pseudo-seizures”—stress-related episodes that the doctors have written off as psychological. Sedona’s struggle became even more apparent when Maggie found her hallucinating about having bugs all over her, a distressing scene that Maggie handled with commendable calmness. 

“Truth and Consequences” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Meghan Ory as Sedona Jones and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

The subsequent discussions between Cal, Maggie, and Sedona about mental health and the potential hereditary links to Schizophrenia added layers to the characters’ backstories, making them all the more relatable. One of the episode's most touching moments came when Cal opened up to Maggie about his fear of inheriting his father’s Schizophrenia, a fear that has shaped his decision not to have children. This vulnerability and admission resonated with Maggie, who now had a better understanding of why Cal doesn’t want to have a family. He does not want to put a child through what he went through with his father. 

The concern for Sedona grew as Maggie ran a simple cognitive test, revealing troubling results that suggested inflammation in Sedona’s brain. Sedona confided in her husband about her condition and decided it was best to return home to her family. She also agreed to follow up with the specialist Maggie recommended. Before leaving, Cal apologized for not being there for her while he was grieving the loss of his wife. They shared a touching moment, and Sedona pointed out that Cal is in love with Maggie. Cal admitted that while he does have feelings for Maggie, he believes he can't give her the family she wants. Sedona reassured him, saying he would make a great father. Her words struck a chord with Cal, prompting him to reach out to his mother, leaving her a message after such a long period of estrangement. 

“Truth and Consequences” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

The introduction of Sedona’s character offered viewers deeper insights into Cal's backstory, adding more complexity to his character and shedding light on his motivations and behaviour. Sedona was a fantastic addition to the mix this season, and hopefully it is not the last we've seen of her. 

Meanwhile, the subplot involving Phoebe, Sully, and Maggie sharing a family breakfast offered a heartwarming respite from the episode’s heavier themes. During the episode, Phoebe and Sully grew closer as they reminisced about the good times they once shared. Despite how their marriage ended, Phoebe genuinely felt happy at the Crossing. Being back made her realize that life in Boston with Walter didn't bring her the same joy. Sully and Phoebe’s kiss stirred up nostalgic feelings and questions about unresolved emotions, only to be complicated further by the arrival of Walter. Walter’s plea for forgiveness was met with mixed reactions, revealing the deep-seated wounds his actions have inflicted on the family.  

The tension reached its peak when Phoebe decided to leave with Walter, leaving Maggie and Sully struggling with their emotions about her choice. Walter has always had control over Phoebe, and this moment was no different. Phoebe, much like Maggie, tends to let her head rule over her heart. Despite knowing that being with Walter doesn't make her happy, she returned to him because she believed it was the right thing to do. Earlier in the episode, Sully remarked on the similarities between Phoebe and Maggie, and he couldn't have been more accurate. 

“Truth and Consequences” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan, Lynda Boyd as Phoebe Lancaster and Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

The drama did not stop there. Edna and Frank's relationship remained strained over his rift with his family and his stubbornness continuing to stand in the way of making things right. Rob, however, did attempt to make things right with Jane, by apologizing for leaving her so abruptly the other night. He confessed his feelings for her and expressed his desire to keep seeing her. However, since she is the first woman he's dated since his wife's passing, he wants to take things much slower. This was a huge moment for Rob as being vulnerable with his feelings is difficult for him. He is afraid to take the leap but by extending an olive branch to Jane, he has allowed the door to remain open for a potential relationship at his own pace. 

In New York for her first photo shoot, Sydney confronted her ex-manager and boyfriend, David. She exposed his manipulation and career sabotage. When David threatened her again, Sydney recorded it, prompting her new manager to kick him out. This empowered Sydney, allowing her to regain her confidence and reclaim her power. David no longer has any control over her, and now nothing can stop her. 

The major drama occurred at the end of the episode, when the moment that has been brewing all season finally came to a head. Sully finally confronted his past by confessing to Lola about the accident that changed her life. Shocked and in disbelief, Lola insisted it couldn’t be true, but Sully stood firm. Shattered, she told him she thought he loved her and she trusted him, but he lied. She stormed out, declaring that she never wanted to see him again. With this secret now revealed, the fallout is bound to affect everyone at the Crossing. The extent of the damage, particularly to Sully, remains uncertain. Sully will undoubtedly wrestle with guilt, but if Lola involves the law, the repercussions could be even more severe. 

“Truth and Consequences” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Amalia Williamson as Lola Gunderson. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Overall, this episode of "Sullivan's Crossing" masterfully balanced intense drama with heartfelt moments, drawing viewers deeper into the complex lives of its characters. The performances were stellar across the board, with each actor bringing their A-game to portray the intricate emotions and relationships. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, this episode is sure to leave you eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this captivating series. Your turn, Sullivan’s Crossing fans! What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you enjoy getting to know Cal’s sister? Are you frustrated that Cal and Maggie haven’t found their way back together yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and as always, engage with me on Twitter (X) at @middleofcanada.

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