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My Adventures With Superman - Olsen’s Eleven - Review: A Classic Heist

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This week’s episode of My Adventures With Superman played on your typic heist film. It was a clever take on Ocean’s Eleven with Lois and Jimmy doing their best to come up with a plan to save Clark. I didn't even mind that he was absent the entire episode. 

We open with Waller declaring martial law on Metropolis and trying to paint Superman as a threat. The public is not falling for it and when a reporter calls her out she has him taken away on live air. Jimmy and Lois have seen enough and decide they must save Clark. Lois especially feeling guilty after breaking up with him right before he was taken. 

They come up with a plan to steal the jump drive ship from Star Labs but they need Livewire’s help to do it. Hiring Livewire eats up the rest of Jimmy’s money so it will be interesting to see his journey for the remainder of the season without that crutch. Heatwave decides the job is too risky and leaves seemingly breaking up with Livewire in the process. 

Livewire explains they need a crew and enter Monsieur Mallah and Brain back from their trip around the multiverse. The team describes the plan but of course when they get to Star Labs Waller is making a surprise visit and the guard did not end his shift. Fast thinking Jimmy steps in because he does not want Livewire hurting people. He cleverly solves the problem but Waller notices a glitch with the security camera and sends Deathstroke to handle it. 

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During the battle it seems Mallah, Brain and Livewire abandon Jimmy and Lois. In actuality Livewire and Heatwave had a plan within the plan to steal tech. They only came back to help when they heard Lois spill her heart about breaking up with Clark. She was scared he would leave and hurt her (like her father). With a motivational speech from Livewire Lois realizes she wants to be with Clark. 

Mallah and Brain didn’t abandon them either but they were getting the ship ready. They escape and run into Supergirl, the scene we saw from last week’s episode. This episode was full of tropes. Jimmy convinces Lois to give Kara a chance, the villain doing a heroic deed and the sappy love stuff. 

Honestly, this episode was kind of filler because we knew they would make it out based on last week’s episode. Why not have this episode air then return to Kara and Clark? There were no stakes because the outcome was already shown. Overall still had some fun moments like the rivalry between Lex and Deathstroke. 

What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews for more.

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