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Interview With The Vampire - And That’s The End of It. There’s Nothing Else - Review: Louis’ Revenge

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Interview With The Vampire gives us another ‘fangtastic’ episode. We’ve come to the conclusion of the interview with Daniel Molloy. Claudia is dead, Madeleine is dead, Lestat and Armand played a part in it and Louis is buried, left to starve to death. The moans and cries of Louis are so hard to take in. 

While Louis is explaining what he is going through, Daniel is setting up Armand and pointing out some inconsistencies in the story. We see smug Santiago now as coven leader and Armand lets Louis out who has gone insane. Had Armand let Louis out because he cared or because he could not stand to be outsmarted by Santiago is a question I am not sure of the answer. Louis' rage had risen and followed closely behind by his madness. 

We see Louis in the crypt collecting bodies and planning his revenge for the death of Madeleine his fledgling but of course more so for Claudia who he loved wholeheartedly. Jacob was brilliant in those scenes. Fans of the books or those who saw the film, knew what was coming next. Louis burns down the theater and has a final showdown with Santiago. 

"And That's The End of It. There's Nothing Else” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

Louis was definitely on the hunt, he taunted Santiago with his past and his failings as a man. Santiago got his licks in too. However, Louis knew how to play on Santiago’s insecurities and it worked as Santiago emerged from the sewers after fleeing the theater fire and Louis takes his head off in one swing of his machete. The musical score playing during his revenge scene accompanied the madness quite brilliantly. 

Louis has Armand take him to Lestat who is still in Paris, staying in Magnus lair. Lestat is surprised to see them together but they have such an intriguing interaction. Louis says he came to kill him and lights fire in his hand. Lestat points out that he has the blood of Magnus in him and Armand also lights his hand pointing out Mangus burns. Lestat lets Armand know that he has the blood of the Akasha in him and cannot be killed. Louis does not know that name, Armand and the audience do. Book readers and movie watchers must be jumping for joy at the mention of her name as I know I was. Louis tells Lestat his punishment is knowing that Louis will spend the rest of his life with Armand. How weak must Armand be to be in a relationship with someone that is only with him out of spite? 

Back in the present we see Rashid bring Daniel his request from the Talamasca, the script from the Trial play. Daniel starts plainly calling out the inconsistencies in Louis’ retelling. He asks Louis how many soldiers were in his home that he forced Lestat to make leave. Louis says 30 and Daniel says couldn’t it have been Lestat that saved him that night. He hands Louis the script with Armand’s notes on them. Louis starts to remember, Lestat made the audience say banishment not Armand. Armand has been lying the whole time. We see a flashback of him directing the play and him being unguarded (sometimes) watching. Louis was supposed to die that night and Armand was fine with it. One moment that stuck out was Lestat letting Armand know he had no idea of Claudia’s strength which was a very true statement. 

"And That's The End of It. There's Nothing Else” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Assad Zaman as Armand. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

The Talamasca sends Daniel a message to get out now (Rashid already escaped) and Louis and Armand have a fight off camera where Louis wounds Armand who tried in vain to explain his actions. Louis tells Armand he is leaving and when he comes back Armand is to be gone and he is to not harm Daniel or Louis will kill him. Louis then returns to New Orleans,he hears a story about the party he and Claudia threw before noticing a vampire hunting rats. He follows him to Lestat and they have a beautiful conversation where they forgive each other for everything they have done. Lestat cannot get Claudia out of his mind and shows true love for her after all. A masterclass in acting from Jacob and Sam. 

We jump ahead to see that Daniel has published his book and is now a vampire having been turned by Armand. He calls out to Louis who apologizes that he was turned out of spite. Daniel warns him to leave Dubai as we hear the other vampires are coming for him after reading the book and knowing Louis broke the Great Laws. Louis quiets them and offers them an invitation to try and kill because “he owns the night”. 

"And That's The End of It. There's Nothing Else” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

I am saddened that this season is over. I believe Interview With the Vampire is one of the best shows on television right now and gave us a perfect season. From the casting, acting, direction, editing, cinematography, everything has been amazing. It has the heart and soul of the book and even the film but offers a fresh perspective. The show has been renewed for a third season with the focus being on rockstar Lestat. The easter eggs dropped in this episode gives hope to the appearance of Akasha. Louis' fate is up in the air however. He is meant to return but will he perish in his fight with the vampires; it is uncertain as the show does not follow the books exactly. 

I give this season a 10/10 with no notes. What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews to discuss more.

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