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PUBG Games: Ways to progress in Escape from Tarkov

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Tarkov is a follower of the PUBG in the battle royale genre, which focuses not on the dynamics of battles and constant combat clashes, but on realism and the correct interactions of squads to achieve victories, accumulate resources and elementary survival.
In Escape from Tarkov, death means the loss of all previously accumulated property, which means that the value of each player and the interaction of units to cover the fighters increases. To be a high-quality and non-standard fighter, you need practice, equipment and following tactical and shooting recommendations, which we will talk about today.


Let's start with the economy as a resource for obtaining equipment and weapons.
After choosing a side, you will appear with rather bad equipment that will need to be changed first.

There are several reasons for this: Bad weapons and ammo are rusty and of poor quality, have reduced damage and accuracy.
The absence of accessories - callimators and optical sights, a fire stabilization handle, an improved buttstock and an enlarged magazine for cartridges - this is only a small part of the military equipment that will simplify the conduct of battles and increase the percentage of victorious skirmishes in your favor. Need to have personal protective equipment - a helmet, body armor and first aid kits.
A helmet and body armor are needed to increase the chance of surviving when receiving direct damage and damage from shrapnel and grenades. First aid kits are needed in order not to bleed out when receiving minor and moderate injuries.
To get everything you need, you need to regularly go on combat sorties, rent wild characters, or buy for rubles and dollars - the local currency, which differs depending on the chosen side.
You can earn money to buy equipment from local NPCs by raiding and clearing laboratories, or simply buy Skycoach rubles - from a professional service that provides key services for players, including pumping, training and selling currency and game valuables with a guarantee of anonymity and the safety of their clients.


You can go on sorties, raids and hunt a wild character. All of them are needed to your level up.


You take with you all the equipment and weapons that you already have and put everything you are afraid of losing in a special storage and go hunting for opponents and improved equipment.
You need to remember and be able to navigate the game map using a compass and a physical drawing of the terrain, since you will not have a developed plan of the territory.
You will explore the game map, find the best places to regenerate resources, weapons and ammo, avoid or engage in combat with the enemy. The first step is to find an assault rifle - not a submachine gun, pistol, or shotgun, but a full-fledged weapon for combat operations. AK, Scar, M4 and so on. Assault rifles allow you to fight from any distance, while the rest of the weapons are limited, to a greater extent, in range and lethal power.
Next you need ammo and accessories. To successfully conduct battles, you must have at least 3 magazines of 30 rounds, but it is ideal to bring their number to a value of 6 or more.
You can have a pistol or a submachine gun for a secondary or spare weapon. It is advisable not to take weapons with similar cartridges, otherwise, in the midst of a difficult battle, you can be left without a full-fledged ammunition load.
Try to get weapon accessories that will help improve your shooting. The first step is to find a scope with a magnifying view that will allow you to see the enemy at a great distance, since most of the fights will take place at medium and long distances.
The second option is a collimator, which allows you to more accurately aim at the target due to the laser designator. The downside of this solution is that it is effective only at close and medium distances, but at the same time, the collimator is ideally implemented in rooms where all targets are clearly visible in the scope and shooting is a pleasure. Accumulate grenades and first-aid kits - they will save you in a difficult situation.
Grenades are needed to clear rooms and shelters from the enemy, avoiding risks to your health during the assault. First-aid kits will help you survive and reanimate after receiving light and medium damage without a fatal outcome. If you do not provide yourself with medical care, then you can simply die from your wounds. You must collect as much equipment as possible and take it to a safe area to distribute and dispose of it.
Beware of bandits and representatives of the enemy PMC - join the battle only when absolutely necessary, or with clear confidence in your victory, since the advantage in the number of fighters and equipment plays a big role in Escape from Tarkov. For an additional fee, you can order a quick evacuation and not make your way to the exit zone from the location.


A raid is an entry into a special territory, or an abandoned object, in order to find and take out really valuable items from there.
For example, a laboratory where large stocks of valuable goods are concentrated has limited access and lets the player in for a certain time upon presentation of a special card, which can be randomly placed in territories and caches.

Tips and Tactics

When shooting, aim a little higher - the ballistics of the bullet is designed in such a way as to pull it down all the time and to hit the head you need to aim a little higher than it.
Do not reload weapons unless absolutely necessary, and if you run out of ammo in battle, then take a secondary one - it's faster than changing the store. If there is no secondary weapon - discard grenades to prevent the enemy from acting freely, take a safe cover and reload your weapon.
Do not advance and retreat in a straight line - it is easier for the enemy to predict your movement and make a fatal shot. Maneuver to the sides and use strafes - short side-to-side movements to try to dodge bullets and shift the silhouette of your operative.

Don't shoot at full height - use a kneeling or prone position. The same applies to the waiting period - there is nothing more obvious than a soldier who stands to his full height. Do not forget that there are bandits and representatives of the enemy PMC around.
Shoot single shots at long ranges, bursts at medium ranges and automatic fire to kill enemies from close positions. Fire control is an important indicator in shooting, which allows you to calmly and calmly defeat opponents, control the number of bullets fired and the quality of hitting the target in any situation.
Don't chase the quantity of equipment - choose the quality. Even full equipment for the SCAR will be enough to fight.
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