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Superman and Lois - Collision Course - Review : Friends and Foes

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Beware of spoilers for the episode in the article. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are not okay with being spoiled.

This week's episode was really good as numerous developments occurred as we moved closer to the show’s 3rd season finale and potential series finale of the show.

Lois Lane and Peia Manheim :

Lois finished her chemotherapy and she decided to pay Peia a visit at the DOD to try and get her to do an interview so she could get something on Mannheim ( mainly get Peia to confess to framing Lex for Boss Moxie’s murder ) .Lois and Peia's conversation was really well acted as usual with the actors on this show. Lois feels guilty for putting Lex away in prison for something he didn't do but as audience members we know Peia was right when she said Lex did worse things than kill Boss Moxie and his time in jail has probably made him even more dangerous. It creates an interesting dilemma for Lois if she gets Lex released , things are not going to end well for either her or Clark. Lex will definitely go after the Kents and everyone he feels crossed him.

Lois managed to get Peia to promise to talk to her and tell her everything (including the stuff about Lex) after Lois promised to let her see Matteo who was already at the DOD, but things took a turn when Matteo sneaked in the cure for his mother. When Matteo discovers who his parents really are he will turn on them. Lois warned Peia to tell Matteo the truth and she almost did it until Matteo showed up with a cure and he said his father told him everything ( which we know is a lie). After Matteo injected Peia with the cure Matteo recovered pretty quickly after looking like she was near death at the beginning of the episode and she ran amock at the DOD as she used Lois as leverage to keep her from getting attacked by the DOD.

Peia's powers

The VFX effects for Peia's sonic powers are really good, they do a phenomenal job telegraphing just how destructive and powerful she is as a meta. Hearing Peia say Lex was one of the few people she was afraid of makes her DOD breakout scene even more terrifying. Peia is afraid of Lex and Lex doesn't have powers ,if she's afraid of him then I wonder what horrible things Mr Luthor has done that she knows about. I'm also wondering if there is something important about how Peia moves physically when she uses her powers it gives off major Banshee vibes. Matteo , Bruno and Peia reunited as a family at the end of the episode but we know things will probably take a turn for them since the DOD will be coming after them , whilst John Henry Irons didn't appear in this episode I'm sure he is somewhere saying I was right to tell you not to let anyone see Peia until we have the information we need from Bruno Mannheim.

The biggest question left related to the Mannheim’s however is if Bizarro Superman will ever wake up like some of Mannheim’s other undead experiments or his purpose was simply to be used as a cure for Peia. He is probably the most effective weapon Mannheim has to fight Superman since his power doesn't come from Superman's blood, so Bizarro Superman would most likely be more powerful as a henchman than Bruno's other experiments especially now that Peia is healed.

Clark and the Boys :

Clark had some free time this week and he tried to spend it with the boys but they blew him off to go to a party. Whilst Clark was mad he was lied to by the boys he really got mad at Jordan specifically for drinking at the party which resulted in Superboy throwing a tantrum. The same approach didn't work with Jonathan who didn't drink and was well behaved at the party. Jonathan told his Dad that he rarely has time for them and when he does he can't just expect them to just drop their plans. Jon hadn't seen Candice in a month and that was important for him. I think Jon's speech was more about him than Jordan. Jordan has gotten more of Clark's attention in this show since he got powers and that clearly has always been a thorn in Jonathan's side.

Jordan and Sarah :

Jordan and Sarah got into a fight at the party after Jordan got jealous that she was talking to Mayor Dean's son George Junior. The cops raided the party soon after the fight resulting in Sarah and George Junior who were both drinking at the party speeding away. Sarah and George Junior almost died in an accident but luckily Jordan saved both of them by using his strength and speed to take them both out of the car before it crashed. George Junior saw Jordan in his Super Suit and also saw him flying away into the sky as the police arrived.

During their fight Sarah and Jordan told each other that they wished they hadn't fallen in love with each other because it has made their dynamic as friends weird but Sarah and George Junior would have died if Jordan was not in love with Sarah and clearly searching for her after the police raid. Sarah got a DUI and Kyle heard George Junior talking about seeing the metahuman who saved them. Kyle asked Sarah what she saw and she lied to him to protect Jordan’s secret, something which also happened in the episode when Kyle told Lana and Chrissy about the possibility of Smallville having a metahuman.

Kyle Cushing :

I would have felt a bit sorry for Kyle about everyone gaslighting him from the earlier half of the episode about his belief that there is a metahuman in Smallville if he hadn't cheated on Lana and lied to her about it. Telling Clark and Jordan's secret wasn't for Lana , Sarah or Chrissy to tell and I'm glad they didn't tell Kyle it shows that Clark telling them wasn't a bad mistake because they can keep the Kent's secrets. I agree with Chrissy, the metahuman is helping people and revealing their identity would stop them from doing that (potentially putting a good person in danger.)

I get why the writers are doing this now with Kyle , at this point in time he was the only original main cast member on the show who didn't know Clark’s secret. Clark pushing Kyle back with his fingers when Kyle stepped up to him was really disrespectful of Kyle. Kyle should have just been happy Sarah was saved. When Clark realized Kyle wouldn't let his “Jonathan has powers” theories go and he needed to go to Lois at the DOD. Clark told Kyle he would explain things to him later and flew away into the sky to save the day at the DOD but he was too late and Peia was long gone.

Lana Lang :

Mayor Lang worked with Chrissy this episode as Governor Kerry Wexler made a visit to the town. Fun fact Wexler’s actress Christine Willes portrayed Granny Goodness in Smallville Season 10. I just thought it would be an amazing twist if she turned out to be playing another version of Granny Goodness in disguise on Earth, possibly recruiting warriors for Darkseid. Whoever she might be aside ,Sarah's behavior ruined the impression Lana was trying to make on the Governor, so that storyline and character introduction doesn't seem like it will go anywhere. But I highly find it unlikely Superman and Lois introduced Wexler’s character without a purpose for Lana’s storyline in mind even if that plan was for a potential 4th season. Lana clearly has career objectives beyond being Smallville's Mayor and it could be interesting to see what that looks like for her future.


With only three episodes left this season and the ongoing WGA writers strike, I think it's very clear that Lex's actor Michael Cudlitz was cast to have a more substantial role in season 4 of the show. Whilst the CW has indicated that the show is very expensive and they don't have the show’s streaming rights. I hope in the event that the CW cancels the show that HBO Max (or any other streaming service) picks it up and the show keeps going as a part of the DC Elseworld's corner of James Gunn's DC universe. The show has a lot of life left creatively and it would be sad to see it cut short before it's time.

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