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Young Sheldon - A German Folk Song and an Actual Adult - Review

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Tensions finally came to a head between Mary and Brenda tonight, but if you were hoping for an explosive scene between the two, you’ll be sadly disappointed. According to the show's timeline, it has been two weeks since Mary and George Sr.’s heated moment at the hospital, when their indiscretions were brought to light. Mary has been staying at Connie’s ever since, until the incident with Missy, which forced her back home in order to manage things with the kids. Although Mary is back at the house and she and George have resumed business as usual, they continue to avoid having the much needed conversation about their marriage. 

Mary also returned to work at the Bowling alley, and to say it was awkward between her and Brenda is a huge understatement. Brenda tried hard to butter Mary up, gushing about the baby and bringing her a coffee, but Mary wasn’t having any of it. A hilarious, albeit confusing, back and forth between the two, led to Mary leaving, unsure of whether she was fired or if she quit. George took the opportunity to suck up to Mary, rushing to take her side, which only served to make her more upset. Brenda isn’t quick to just let things go, and wants to hash things out with Mary and get it over with. The conversation surprisingly ended up bringing them closer together, as Brenda pointed out the harsh truth- that George was looking outside of his marriage for comfort, just as Mary was with Pastor Rob. Now that the women have resolved things, it is time for Mary and George to do the same.

I am pretty sure that no long time viewers of the show had Georgie being a great dad on their Bingo cards. Not only was he super adorable with Cece, singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” to her, but he is also very hands on and responsible that it is hard to believe he is only 18. That’s right! Georgie finally turned the big 1-8 tonight, making Mandy feel only slightly better that she had a baby with an underage boy. Mandy wanted to give Georgie a nice birthday supper and cake for his birthday, but was disappointed when they needed to postpone, because he had plans with Amber. Luckily for Mandy, Amber put Georgie off with her obvious dislike for children, and he headed straight home to Mandy and Cece where the two finally shared a kiss and Georgie asked Mandy to marry him. Although the episode ended before Mandy could respond, it wasn’t much of a cliffhanger. Big Bang Theory viewers know that Georgie married for the first time at age 18, so it is already known that the two will be headed down the aisle sooner rather than later. 

The comedic relief of the episode came from Missy and Sheldon. It was Spring break for the Cooper twins, but no fun was to be had, since Sheldon would rather be at school and Missy was still facing the wrath of her parents for her unlawful behaviour last week. Part of her punishment meant no TV, which meant she couldn’t watch her favourite show, Beverly Hills 90210. Fellow Gen-X’ers can relate to the 90210 hype of the 90’s, and the days waiting impatiently for the next episode to air. Surprisingly, Sheldon decided to help Missy out by watching the episode for her so he could let her know what happened. What’s more surprising, is that he actually ended up getting hooked on the show. Who knew Sheldon Cooper was a 90210 fan? 

With only a handful of episodes remaining, it will be interesting to see how the writers have decided to handle the end of George and Mary’s marriage and of course the big moment, George Sr.’s ultimate demise. What do you think, Young Sheldon fans? Will this season’s finale be the end of George Sr.? Or will he live to see season 7? Share your thoughts by commenting below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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