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Performers Of The Month - December 2022 Results

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Below you will find the Top 3 finishers for each side listed out in placement order. All of these graphics will be available on my Twitter account as well as the official SpoilerTV Twitter and Instagram accounts. We are happy for you to share them, but please share them from one of these official sources to ensure you are sharing the best quality version of these graphics. For the highest quality, please click on the slides to enlarge them.

IMPORTANT 2022 POTY SCHEDULING NOTICE: Now that we know who all of the 2022 winners are the 2022 Performer of the Year contest will begin at 6 pm ET tomorrow, Monday, January 9th. The voting will last for 48 hours. Be sure to read all of the details regarding voting that will accompany the post tomorrow. Only the performers who won a Performer of the Month title in 2022 for Readers' Choice will be eligible for the title of SpoilerTV's 2022 Readers' Choice Performer of the Year. 


This was another interesting round of voting. Kristina Tonteri-Young jockeyed for the lead for the first day of voting before securing the top spot. She narrowly held onto it as Helen Mirren trailed her by only a single vote. Reba McEntire only trailed Helen by a single point as well making for a very tight Top 3 contest.

Kristina Tonteri-Young pulled off a rare double win taking the top title for both sides of the voting round. Her full winner write-up is noted below to allow us to fully honor this talented performer. Kristina Tonteri-Young is SpoilerTV’s December Readers’ Choice and Staff Choice Performer of the Month.


There was really no major competition this month for the top spot. Kristina Tonteri-Young surged to the top from the start and was never even close to ever being overtaken. She even secured the honor of having the most votes in a regular monthly round of voting. She claimed that title from Danielle Savre who claimed it back in 2021. Given that both actresses will go head-to-head for the Performer of the Year competition this could prove to be a real battle of titans. In terms of this round, while the top spot was secured early on there was a close race for the second spot as Willow co-stars Ruby Cruz and Erin Kellyman battled it out until Cruz pulled ahead and secured her second-place finish. 

Kristina Tonteri-Young pulled off a rare double win taking the top title for both sides of the voting round. She is relatively new to the industry and this is her first major role which makes the impact she has already made all that more impressive. She not only has the physical talent to pull off the action the character requires but she also has an incredible instinct regarding how to convey the many emotions Beatrice has to contend with. She has a natural ability to know exactly how she needs to layer her performance for maximum impact. In fight scenes, for example, she easily conveys the physical capability of the character while oozing calm ferocity when delivering a line like, "I offer mercy to whoever walks away now. Stay, and you'll never walk again." The delivery of that line during the season finale was chilling and conveyed so much regarding just how far Beatrice was willing to go to get to Ava (Alba Baptista). The moment was amplified by how she had previously in the episode portrayed Beatrice's reaction to the first kiss between her and Ava. As Ava kissed Beatrice without warning there were a few beats where Tonteri-Young kept her eyes open as she held Beatrice stiff. Just those little choices allowed her to visually convey the barrage of thoughts and conflict firing through Beatrice's brain. Then because of those choices, she was able to deliver the exact split second where Beatrice accepted how deep her feelings ran for Ava as she closed her eyes before leaning into the kiss and then tenderly touching Ava's face. Also then making sure Beatrice never lost contact with Ava again added an extra layer to the performance. While these elements were stunningly well done, it was perhaps the sequence where Beatrice held the mortally wounded Ava in her arms that allowed Tonteri-Young the most emotional freedom to show how deep her emotional range runs. As Beatrice held Ava, Tonteri-Young juggled between portraying stoic and emotional distress. The way she has chosen to often portray Beatrice as a stoic rock for others made the tears she shed hold that much more impact. It was made all the more powerful by the tremble she infused into her voice as she delivered Beatrice's love confession to Ava only after the love of her life was gone. All of these elements combined allowed her to break the hearts of the audience as Beatrice sat back and allowed the immensity of the loss she had just experienced to fully hit her. All around this was a tour-de-force episode for her full of big moments that she captured with the prowess of a far more seasoned performer. She has a long prosperous career ahead of her, but she still has a lot to give Beatrice, however, for that to happen this magnificent series needs to find a new home since Netflix sinfully chose to cancel it. Should it find a much-deserved new home, then it's certain Tonteri-Young will treat us to many more amazing performances. Kristina Tonteri-Young is SpoilerTV’s December Readers’ Choice and Staff Choice Performer of the Month.

Please join us in the comments and on social media in celebrating dual winner Kristina Tonteri-Young as well as the incredible runner-ups. The winner has secured a place in the 2022 Performer of the Year competition that will start on January 9, 2023. 

Come back to SpoilerTV on Wednesday, February 1st at 6 pm ET for the start of the January round. 

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