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Let The Right One In - Season 1 - Review

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Let The Right One In is an American supernatural horror television series developed by Andrew Hinderaker, inspired by the novel of the same name. It premiered on Showtime in October 2022 and by far, was one of my favorites of the year. Demian Bichir, Madison Taylor Baez, Anika Noni Rose, and Ian Foreman are among the actors that bring the show to life. Because I’ve seen the film adaptations of the novel, I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. Not only is the series a fantastic version of the story, but I think it’ll be a thrilling yet heart-warming experience for new viewers.

The plot follows Mark, a single father on a mission to find a cure for his daughter Eleanor, who is an adolescent vampire. One of the many successful aspects of the show is the pacing, from the first scene you are thrown into this world. I feel there’s no need for slow-burn action given the plot and amount of episodes. One could start the show without ever seeing a trailer or reading a description and easily see where things are going. You are met with a young man standing in the sunlight, catching fire and bursting into flames. Screaming in pain, his mouth opens to expose fangs. The next scene foreshadows the relationship between our main characters, as well as the central plot. Traveling with a trunk beside him, Mark displays characteristics of a parent despite ignoring the question of being one. He researches activities to do with a child and buys chocolate from a young girl on the train. Sounds of scratching and knocking come from the trunk and Mark repeats the behavior, suggesting someone is in there who does this as a form of communication. The introduction to the series captured my attention and gave me high expectations that were absolutely fulfilled by the finale of the season.

The thematic concerns of the show are directly tied to the plot, Mark must provide blood to keep his daughter alive which costs him his sense of morality. While grieving the loss of his wife and partaking in unethical behavior, he turns to religion to comprehend his reality. Eleanor, on the other hand, struggles with having a normal life and viewing herself as more than a monster. There’s three other important parts of the plot: Eleanor isn’t the only vampire out there, Mark isn’t the only person looking for a cure, and their new neighbors quickly become much more than that. These events result in the characters sharing many internal struggles.

What truly made me a fan of this series is the characters. It was impossible to not be invested in them because of their amazing acting performances and intentional dialogue. A threat to the mission, Mark and Eleanor move next door to Naomi, a detective who has a son named Isaiah. While Eleanor and Isaiah quickly become inseparable, Mark grows paranoid and suspicious of Naomi. Without saying too much, the dynamic between Eleanor and Isaiah is captivating and admirable. Their personalities, desires, and fears are so perfectly laid out and I looked forward to each one of their scenes.

About halfway through the series, I found myself hungry for a plot-twist and was served right when needed. The directional turns in the plot were unexpected enough to shock me, but subtle enough to not come off as far-fetched. Each one reassured me that I made the right decision to watch the show and filled me with excitement for what’s to come. Although the show is filled with horror elements, there’s more towards the end which I really liked. The build-up had me on the edge of my seat and the final moments of the season left me speechless.

As of today, Let The Right One In has not been renewed for a second season but I’ve already started building theories and have questions I need answered. I am hopeful that the series will return with more action, charm, and lots of blood. If you’re a fan of vampires, I highly recommend watching this series.

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