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2022 Readers' Choice Performer Of The Year - Voting

10 Jan 2023

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The time has come for us to declare a 2022 Readers' Choice Performer Of The Year. Given the caliber of these performers, expect a fierce round of voting. Only the performers that won a monthly Readers' Choice in 2022 will be eligible to be voted on by readers. The Staff will be voting at the same time from all of the Staff Choice winners to declare a 2022 Staff Choice Performer of the Year. 

A few important things to note before you start voting:
-Voting will only be open for 48 hours, concluding at 6 pm ET on Wednesday, January 11th.
-The poll will be watched very closely. If at any point bots are unleashed on the poll for a specific nominee (extremely obvious when this is happening) the poll will be closed until all of the bot votes can be deleted. Time will NOT be added to the poll if it has to be paused. Voting will still conclude at 6 pm ET on Wednesday, January 11th regardless of how many times it has to be paused to clean up from bots. 
-There is always the chance that legitimate votes could get deleted in the process of cleaning up from a bot. If you are worried if your vote counted or not then you are welcome to try to vote again. If your vote is accepted then it likely got deleted by accident. If it does not allow you to vote again then your vote has counted and you can rest easy that your voice has been heard.
-If you want your nominee to have the best chance at winning then rally their fans. Help us ensure a fun yet fair contest where everyone can feel confident that the winner has indeed won fair and square. 
-Expect to receive the final results within a week after voting concludes. That allows us time to make a results post worthy of the Staff and Reader winners. 
-The poll will have an additional restriction requiring a CAPTCHA to be completed in order to vote. If bot usage becomes too much of an issue then additional measures can and will be deployed throughout voting to protect the integrity of the results. 
-Voting is still the same as during a typical month, and each of you still has the opportunity to contribute a comment that may be used on the results graphics. We can only use 1 comment, so the key to being picked is to leave thoughtful and well-worded comments that capture the essence of the nominated performance. We will recognize the performers that place in the Top 3, but only the winner will get a write-up looking back at their performances from throughout the year. 
2021 Staff Choice Performer of the Year: Kate Winslet
2021 Readers' Choice Performer of the Year: Danielle Savre

January 2022 Winners:

March 2022 Winners:

Voting is open until 6 pm ET on Wednesday, January 11th. Only 1 vote per person.

This form is NOT for voting. Only the above poll will determine the winner and the Top 3. Please only use this form to submit comments regarding the performance the nominee was nominated for. For the nominees that make it to the Top 3, we will pick 1 reader comment for each of them from this form to use in the announcement graphics.