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2021 Performer Of The Year - Staff Choice Results

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The time has come to find out who won the ultimate prize of this competition and took home the title of SpoilerTV's 2021 Staff Choice POTY. The results will be revealed in a YouTube Premiere event and we look forward to having all of you join us for the reveal of the extraordinary Top 3 for Staff Choice POTY. You can join via the YouTube link below. We look forward to finding out what you all think about the results. After the premiere, the video will be available immediately following the broadcast. 

First of all, we would like to thank every member of the STV staff who participated in the 2021 round of POTY. Your contributions were invaluable. The results being revealed today are for the Staff side only, but the Reader results will be revealed at the same time tomorrow. We had such an extraordinary group of performers who won in 2021 that it was a very tight race, especially for the Top 3 spots. The winners and the two runner-ups fought it out right up until the very end. All of the performers in the Top 3 got a high quantity of votes and this group separated themselves from the rest of the pack by a fairly significant amount.

In flawed Pennsylvania detective Mare Sheehan, Kate Winslet has created yet another iconic character to add to her acting repertoire. By fully investing herself into this role, Winslet gave a masterclass in acting through her portrayal of this complex, and complicated character.

From the first episode of Mare of Easttown, Winslet’s fans knew they were watching something special. They were witnessing an incredible performance from an actress who immersed herself body and soul into her character. In not only tackling a difficult regional accent, but also choosing to forego makeup and stylish costume, the actress’ dedication to Mare was marked by her authenticity.

Detective Mare Sheehan was not a likable character at first. This flawed, damaged woman was abrupt and brusque but soon began revealing the layers of baggage showing why she became the woman she was. This was a police detective with a difficult life, from living up to her town reputation as a sports hero, to a grieving mother, trying to face life following the suicide of her oldest son.

In Kate Winslet’s talented hands, Mare came to life, warts, and all. Through her stellar work, Winslet portrayed Mare with a complexity and humanity that soon had viewers rooting for her to succeed. Winslet gave Mare a deep, earthy core making her as real and raw as she could be. Hers was the type of performance that acting classes will point to as a prime example of an actor totally committed to a part. For all of these reasons, and many more, Kate Winslet is SpoilerTV’s 2021 Staff Choice Performer of the Year.


Be sure to watch the video below for the full announcement of Kate Winslet as SpoilerTV's Staff Choice 2021 POTY. Then don't forget to come back to SpoilerTV tomorrow at 6 pm ET for the results of the Readers' Choice POTY.

After you watch the below video, drop on down to the comments and let us know your thoughts regarding the winner and the runner-ups. 

The winner slides will be available on Twitter and Instagram immediately following the premiere. All of the winner slides will be available on my Twitter. If you utilize any of these slides beyond a RT or share, please provide appropriate credit to SpoilerTV. 

Please click on this YouTube link to go directly to our channel if the below link won't work for you. 



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