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The Cleaning lady - Trust - Review

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The clock was still ticking in this last episode before the 2-hour season finale - and while Kamdar has been a problem for everyone throughout the season, Thony sees no other way but to protect him to save Luca...

Warning: spoilers.

Thony may have come back in time in last week's episode to give Luca the medicine she brought back from Manila, but the little boy’s condition is still worsening. Exhausted, and close to breaking down, she stayed up the entire night running around between monitoring her son, and making him a birthday cake for his sixth birthday. Once again, those scenes were beautiful yet heartbreaking, and I couldn't help but think about her emotional conversation with Garrett in 1x03. When Luca was diagnosed, the doctors gave him a year to live. But then a birthday went by...and another one...and another one. And each one was a gift. 

Thony and Luca have fought so hard, and beat the odds for years - she never let anyone tell her it was over, and looked for hope and solutions after every setback. The thought of losing a child is unbearable for any parent, and even more when it has been coming close to that a couple of times. It has always been at the core of the show - and I'm going to repeat myself again - but she'll do anything to keep Luca safe. And she made it clear last week too - if working with Kamdar means that Luca will get the help he needs, she will comply. Right now, he is her safest and most reliable way to get a hold of his medicine, and she's not going to put that in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Arman is more than ready to be done with Kamdar - and after Nadia sends him a picture of the meds he's on, Arman takes a bottle of pills at Thony's clinic that could trigger a cardiac arrest. I'm still confused by his explanation though…how could Arman know that the cocktail of those meds would have such an effect on him when his dad has a heart disease Kamdar doesn't have? After breaking down for a second and getting a much-needed hug, Thony tried to convince Arman to wait a little longer before killing Kamdar. 

I'd be lying if I'd say I wouldn't have appreciated seeing her put a little more faith in Arman when he has always gone above and beyond to help her and Luca, but I understand her reaction. She needs to have some control, and she has so little lately that she needs to hold on to Kamdar right now. Arman was visibly hurt, but went out of his way again to get his hands on the little boy's meds - and while she pointed out that he doesn't have the money or the resources necessary, he is still the same man that can be persuasive with his contacts if needed. 

While she's not ready to take the risk of taking down Kamdar just yet, Thony is also aware that Arman's life is in danger because of that. I believe that enlisting Garrett to locate his cellphone and keeping him away from Robert was also a way for her to protect him as he would...or rather should have been safe with the FBI Agent by his side. Unfortunately, Garrett is blinded by pain and anger, and uses the opportunity to force Arman to talk about the night Maya died.

Alright, I know I'm in the minority here - but I like Garrett, and I said it before, I absolutely love seeing him interact with Arman. This episode gave us for the first time an emotional and honest conversation between the two. The walls came down - and the vulnerability they both showed, the parallel between Maya's story and Thony's, Garrett realizing that Arman had no other choice to save the woman he loves - it was all simply stunning. 

While he understood why he had to pull the trigger, Garrett still believes that he would have done things differently - but knowing how ruthless Kamdar is, no one would have made it out alive. It was a nice little break from the animosity, until Garrett made it clear that he'd come for Arman as soon as Kamdar was gone - and threatened to bring Thony down with him for lying...which makes me nervous for her reaction next week when he'll confront her...I'm still convinced that Garrett and Arman would make a great team if they could trust each other, and put their differences aside...

Kamdar is on edge after Sin Cara's attack - which makes me even more excited about this organization that I hope we'll properly get introduced to before the season ends. His guards are watching - and supposedly protecting - Nadia and Thony, which makes it (not really) harder for them to plot against him. But it was a nice opportunity to see Thony come up with a scheme to secretly meet Garrett while she went through the car wash. 

He's still in full ''heart eyes'' mode with Nadia, and was more than happy to share a dinner date with her. The man definitely has his guard down with her…Am I being paranoid again, or does the necklace Robert bought Nadia just scream ''something is in there, don't wear it''? Anyway, despite Arman not answering her messages because he was "busy" with Garrett, things were going according to plan for her - and she managed to drug him pretty easily. However, Thony came by and tried to bargain for Arman's life and decided to save Kamdar while Nadia begged for her to let him die. 

Now, I don't think saving Kamdar put Arman in that much more danger than he already was in, and Thony might very well be able to plead for his life as Kamdar is now in her debt. But at the same time, it did make him suspicious that someone tried to poison him - and his first suspect will probably be Arman…Once he opens his eyes though, and realizes that Nadia is the one who betrayed him, all hell will probably break loose…

Fiona is lucky enough to have her little island of calm at JDs. With his girlfriend, Laura, out of the picture, he makes it clear he wants her to stay with him permanently. These scenes were a treat to watch, but was I the only one bothered by JD only mentioning Jaz? I get that Chris isn't his, but it felt off…JD was perfect again and understood when Fiona had to go help Thony - he even came by to keep her company, but things got out of hand when one of Kamdar's men thought he was an intruder. JD doesn't even know half of what is really going on, but he is right…there's no sense of safety for their family as long as Thony is involved with Kamdar. After everything they have gone through together though, I don't think there's a world in which Fi would abandon least not of her own will...

Alright, that's all for our penultimate review before the 2-hour finale which will air next week! Make sure to tune in!! I'm sure we'll have two magnificent episodes to end this season! 

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