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Young Sheldon - An Ugly Car, An Affair and Some Kickass Football - Review

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Georgie finally earns his shot with Mandy, George Sr. gets a huge part of his life back, while Connie, Sheldon, Mary and Missy were in supporting roles to round out the sixth episode of the sixth season.

Georgie has been doing a lot of growing up over the season so far, making selfless decisions and being a support system for Mandy who is pregnant with their child. Mandy has been hesitant to admit that Georgie has changed, because it would mean that she would need to accept that her life and happiness now rest on a seventeen year old boy. The episode begins with Georgie showing off his newest and perhaps biggest grown-up decision, he has traded in his Mustang for a family station wagon. This is obviously a huge move for Georgie, and Mandy is impressed. She joins the Cooper family for a typical comical family dinner, where Sheldon explains the origin of the name, Niblingo, to the family, and they discuss whether or not Mandy and Georgie want to find out the sex of the baby. Although Georgie is embarrassed by his family, Mandy is actually quite happy that she has been embraced by the Cooper clan. Especially since her family won’t even talk to her. Throughout the episode, there are hints that Mandy is on to the fact that Georgie and Connie are involved in something illegal. When he gives her a tour of the video store, she witnesses an exchange between Officer Jake and Connie that validates her beliefs. She assumes that Connie and Georgie are selling drugs, but Connie takes her to the back and shows her the underground Casino. Georgie holds his breath, thinking she is going to be upset, but to his surprise she is quite the opposite. She is elated that they are making money, and that she won’t have to worry about providing for the baby. It appears as though Mandy is finally succumbing to Georgie, and when she sees him helping Sheldon by holding a pail on his bed to catch the roof leaks from the rain so that Sheldon can go and eat pizza, her heart swells and she ends up spending the night with Georgie. Connie witnesses her coming home the next morning, and the two awkwardly agree not to discuss it. Next week’s preview has Mandy introducing Georgie to her parents. It will be interesting to see how that goes over, especially with Georgie being a minor. Although Mandy obviously desires the approval of her parents, the fact that she has now been embraced by the Coopers, means it isn’t all or nothing anymore. No matter what happens, she won’t be alone.

Meanwhile in the episode, George Sr. gets a call from Principal Tom, who tells him that Wayne hasn’t been at work and has been avoiding phone calls. They track Wayne down at a seedy motel, where it appears Wayne has been living for a while. He tells them that his wife has been cheating on him with his best friend, and that she’s pregnant. George and Tom goad each other into saying something supportive, but it is clear that these two have no clue how to be the sympathetic listeners that Wayne needs. At least they realize that they can’t just leave Wayne there, so George takes Wayne home with him and he crashes on the couch, much to Sheldon and Missy’s confusion. Tom asks George to help Wayne get to work and do his job and George agrees, because Wayne is his friend and he wants to be there for him. Through a series of hilarious events, including Wayne breaking down during a misdirected and personal speech to the football team, George ends up taking over as coach, resulting in the team winning. George’s efforts do not go unnoticed and Tom offers him his job back. George accepts, as long as Wayne is in on the deal. With George getting his job back, this leaves Mary as the only one without a job or support system with the church. Mary has been relating to George because she feels like they are in the same boat, both having lost a huge part of their lives. It will be interesting to see how Mary handles the news, and if this will be what pushes Mary and George apart once and for all.

We didn’t see much of Mary, Missy or Sheldon, but it was still a solid episode that helped move George Sr., Georgie and Mandy’s story arcs further along. The events of this episode will surely have an impact on all of the characters, and I am keen on finding out how it all plays out. Did you enjoy the episode? What do you think will happen when Georgie meets Mandy’s parents? Are we nearing the end of George Sr. and Mary’s relationship? Share your ideas in the comment section below, and follow me on Twitter @ms_c_almeida.

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