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MOVIES: Causeway - Review

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Love the second coming of indie drama queen Jennifer Lawrence, sure to be even better than the first. Her and Brian Tyree Henry are excellent in this tale of grief, guilt, addiction, acceptance and coming to terms with who you are after coming back home. It's perfectly understated, Lila Neugebauer shines behind this scaled-back, unflashy camera that benefits from the AppleTV+/A24 money but beyond that resists the urge to delve too much into the trappings that either company tends to have in the films distributed by them.

The film feels profound; dealing with trauma and depression in a way that's subtle and well-executed without the need for a Hollywood style ending. It's well shot -shining on fleshing out the character of Lawrence's ex-Afghanistan veteran Lynsey and Henry's James - who have platonic chemistry that's instantly apparent in the initial early stages, the diner sequence and the scenes by the pool are tender and more emotional than characters who are actual couples in movies. Both are dealing with the guilt and the shame of their actions in a past life - and coming to terms with who they are now.

A bond between strangers is a powerful thing - this feels a lot better executed without the stylish overture of Cha Cha Real Smooth for example; grounded in its realism - there's a lot of Debra Granik here and the film reminded me a lot of Little Woods too; Nia Dacosta's Lily James and Tessa Thompson character drama. It's a quiet piece that will put off some; but for those coming to terms with what they lost - they will find resonance here.

Lila Neugebauer is no stranger to powerful character studies having worked on the Netflix series Maid in the past and this is a perfect addition to her filmography. The layers are gradually peeled back and you learn more and more about both James and Lynsey in a way that few films have been able to match as naturally. If this is the first of many indie films to come from Jennifer Lawrence; more in tune with the all-time classic Winter's Bone than any of her X-Men or Hunger Games movies, all the better for it. The approach of healing and good nature may play its cards a little too close to its chest; but it's all the better because of it - a great actor's showcase.

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