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Industry - 2.02 - The Giant Squid - Review

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We're only two episodes in this season but already, Pierpoint seems far from the shining beacon it once was, and all three of our little third-years are struggling to find their place.

Yasmin's spot at FX is no longer her main focus, as she tries Celeste's way of doing things. Her foreign language abilities should be an asset here, but she struggles to find her place here too. Sidenote: as a French person, when Celeste speaks "French", it's quite frankly insulting to my ears. I know not every show can get someone who truly has the accent down but this one in particular rivals with that ballet movie on Amazon Prime (which even took place in Paris) that I couldn't get through for this exact reason, and if this is going to be a season-long thing...I'm just going to pretend she's from somewhere else. She's still having sex with Maxim (with Celeste's shiny heels on), and doesn't blink an eye when her father suddenly resurfaces at an inopportune moment. Still, she finally learns to apply Celeste's advice to use her relationships for "good" (relatively), and ends up asking her father if by any chance, he'd like to manage their vast amounts of money, through Pierpoint. Well, that's certainly one way of regaining a client after losing your biggest one. Nothing says credibility like some kind of reverse nepotism, doesn't it?

Back at CPS, it doesn't take long for Nicole to resort to her old tricks. Rob wines and dines her, and gets a car handjob in exchange for his trouble, while the driver is sent off "on a walk" (that was horrid, honestly), all while admitting that he watches YouTube tutorials in order to classify his accent.
"I don’t want to cum on my suit, it’s new."
Followed by the instantly hilarious "Mummy?", this might've been the quote of the episode, if not for Harper's brutally honest one as she calls up Danny late in the night.
"Please don’t misread this call as a sign of intimacy."
Which I may or may not use, if the situation ever arises. Harper and Danny are getting along rather well (don't tell Eric though), despite him having heard rumors of their alleged relationship. The mentor/mentee thing would be fine, if not for their explosive rapport, and sometimes downright cold war-ish exchanges. Felim, to whom they offered to be the anchor on a new healthcare deal, is slipping between their fingers. Eric's old school tactics don't seem to be working despite him assuring everyone that Felim will come back from the edge. Enter Danny and Harper, trying to secure something, or rather someone, else. In play is also Anna, who will only talk to FX and more specifically Yasmin, creating some complicated dynamics resulting in a shouting match in the open space. After all, everything they do is supposed to help Pierpoint, previous fights aside.
Harper is still trying to get Jesse, but that conference she skipped breakfast for doesn't go as she'd planned, and right until the very last moment, Jesse isn't responding to what she's offering. However, as the market is about to open and Rishi is seconds away from an aneurism, Jesse is the one who calls (first, at least), not Felim, and becomes the healthcare deal's new anchor. It's all very stressful, even from afar, and methinks Harper would do well to consult the third floor's mental health support, if her reaction to this kind of pressure is anything to go by. Still, since she saved the day, the office (and especially Rishi) responds in kind and her path to stardom seems once again on track, and her refusal to go back to the office almost forgiven.

Her trust is still hard to earn though, as she turns down Danny's drinks invitation, and instead loses herself in a bar, finally looking more at ease than in her office persona and uniform. She's also moved into Gus and Rob's place, and she and Gus commiserate over their failed nights. I'd enjoy knowing more about what Gus has been up to, questionable white boys aside.

So now that Jesse is on board, I wonder what new dynamics this will bring. Petition for Rob to try calling someone else than Nicole, please and thank you. As usual, sound off in the comments!

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