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The Blacklist - Episode 9.13 - Genuine Models Inc - Full Set of Promotional Photos + Press Release *Updated 24th March 2022*

Promotional Photos
NUP_196218_00100.th.jpg NUP_196218_00130.th.jpg NUP_196218_00129.th.jpg NUP_196218_00147.th.jpg NUP_196813_00009.th.jpg NUP_196218_00075.th.jpg NUP_196218_00062.th.jpg NUP_196813_00011.th.jpg NUP_196813_00010.th.jpg NUP_196813_00013.th.jpg NUP_196813_00014.th.jpg NUP_196813_00001.th.jpg NUP_196813_00004.th.jpg NUP_196813_00003.th.jpg NUP_196813_00002.th.jpg NUP_196813_00007.th.jpg NUP_196813_00008.th.jpg NUP_196813_00012.th.jpg NUP_196813_00005.th.jpg NUP_196813_00006.th.jpg NUP_196218_00096.th.jpg NUP_196218_00007.th.jpg
Press Release


03/25/2022 (08:00PM - 09:00PM) (Friday) : The Task Force is led to an unusual suspect when the wealthy clients of an apparent escort service start turning up dead. Red and a friend attempt to recover an item after reuniting at a friend’s memorial. Cooper heads to Atlanta to follow a lead on his blackmailer.