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Performers of the Month - February 2022 Voting

I expected the February round to be a bit laidback because of how much was preempted for the Olympics. Then I saw the flood of nominations roll in and I knew I was entirely wrong. The performers that made this voting round are not only extraordinarily talented, but many have been in polls previous months and have done extremely well. What I thought might be a relaxed round may in fact end up being a battle royale for the top spot. This could be an extremely interesting round. Who will be crowned this month's Readers' Choice Performer of the Month? 

Voting is still the same as always, and each of you still has the opportunity to contribute a comment that may be used on the results graphics. The key to being picked is to leave thoughtful and well-worded comments that capture the essence of the nominated performance. This year we will only be recognizing the Top 3 and the winner will secure a spot in the year-end Performer of the Year competition. 
Voting is open until 6 pm ET on Sunday, March 6th. Only 1 vote per person.

This form is NOT for voting. Only the above poll will determine the winner and the Top 3. Please only use this form to submit comments regarding the performance the nominee was nominated for. For the nominees that make it to the Top 3, we will pick 1 reader comment for each of them from this form to use in the announcement graphics. 


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