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Killing Eve - Just Dunk Me - Review: Piquing Our Interest

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The premiere episode of the final season of BBC America's Killing Eve felt like the return of friends you've missed for a very long time. Seeing them again like this makes you want to spend more time with them to find out what they've been up to that sent them to where they are now.

Everyone is in a different place not only physically but psychologically than they were when things ended on that bridge to bring the awkward Season 3 to a close. Some of it is understandable but other parts are surprising and are going to need more explanation, but they have definitely piqued our interest.
One thing this season's new head writer Laura Neal has done was put her core characters in scenes together as soon as possible in the episode, Neal wastes no time by having Eve (Sandra Oh) confront Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) surprisingly. And by the end of the Oh has had powerful scenes with both Jodie Comer (Villanelle) and Fiona Shaw (Carolyn).
The Killing Eve crew are all in some of the most unlikely places when first appearing in the episode entitled, "Just Dunk Me". Constantin is the mayor of an obscure Russian city, and a disgraced Carolyn has been stripped of power and exiled to a Cultural Attaché post in Majorca. Do not expect them to stay put for long, for it is a well-known fact that neither of them can be fully trusted. Eve has become a hard, bitter employee of a security company, whose resources she unashamedly uses in her quest for revenge against the 12 for killing Kenny (Sean Delany). But it is indeed Villanelle that is found in the unlikeliest of places, ensconced with a small church and its parishioners desperate to be baptized and seemingly on a journey of redemption.
However, the more things have changed the more they stay the same. Carolyn still knows exactly which buttons to push with Eve to draw her into an investigation of whoever is murdering members of the 12, pointing the finger directly at assassin trainer Helene (new season regular Camille Cottin). She also hasn't lost her dry acerbic wit beautifully delivered by Shaw. Konstantin is as irreverent as ever.
Eve is still a woman with a mission, she's just changed her attitude and approach to accomplishing her goals. Oh is in top-notch form and is showing an Eve with more drive and decisiveness than shown in previous seasons. Villanelle is still desperate for Eve's approval, and her part of this season is sure to focus on if her quest for redemption is genuine. Comer is masterful in showing Villanelle's presumed struggle fighting and often failing to not kill. Her conversation with God was a standout moment in the episode. Her scene with Oh was also one of the stellar moments of the premiere, it was two of the best actresses working today at the top of their form. If they are this good this early, it gives one hope for the quality of the rest of the season. And the one thing to always expect from Killing Eve is the unexpected. This season already offers a strong dose of that with the arrival of a cosplay-looking Jesus that looks and sounds remarkably like Jodie Comer offering advice to Villanelle.
New showrunner Laura Neal is off to an interesting start to the final season of Killing Eve by remembering that the strength of the show is these characters and not necessarily the story. Hopefully, that will continue and give fans a final season that will correct the missteps of a weak season 3. She's done enough in this first episode to make us want to watch the next in hopes of finding out how we got here and what comes next.
Which moment surprised you most in the season 4 premiere of Killing Eve, the identity of the motorcycle riding, leather-clad assassin type who visits Constantin, Villanelle's quest for redemption, or the arrival of Jesus Villanelle? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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