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Charmed - Unlucky Charmed - Review: "Keeps Getting Better"

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Just as the title of my review says, this season of Charmed keeps getting better with every newly released episode. The episode written by Nicki Renna and directed by Stuart Gillard was one of the most coherent outings in recent Charmed history and most importantly build upon the foundation laid down in the previous two episodes. Let's dive into all the drama and fun of the latest Charmed episode. 

In one of the early interviews after taking on the mantle of Showrunner, Nicki Renna said they are going to explore the sisterhood more, as she has sisters herself and loves playing with those dynamics, and boy did she deliver. The Family dinner was so marvelous, it hit all the right notes and I kept wishing Macy was there. It is painful to see how strong this show can be, just when the right people are behind the wheel. We were robbed of these moments and they are so important as they let the viewers connect with the show. The way Kaela tapped into one mess after another was funny and felt so natural. She doesn't know the sisters or the boys and triggering this family at the moment is way too easy. I liked the contrast between this scene and the last scene between the Charmed ones, in the beginning, they were running from each other but at the end, they were coming together, and letting the tragedy sink in felt just like the proper way to grieve and for them to bond. 

Back this week was Bethany Brown as Ruby. After Kaela pocked Mel's feelings for Ruby out of a well-hidden box, Mel did what she does best at the moment, avoid. She tried to overcompensate with her search for the Tallyman and decided to regain her time powers in the process, little did she know that her avoiding her feelings would bring more of her them to the surface. A notion that the show created early on is that their powers are tied to their emotions, so it was smart to see Mel's time powers manifest when she finally allowed herself to feel something from the break-up with Ruby. Mel's new power seems interesting but it isn't in full motion yet and the full range of her new abilities will be explored in the episode airing on April the 8th. I do like the visuals of it though. But what is even more important in this episode is that we've got a resolution to the "Melby" relationship.  Sadly, the writers never gave their relationship a fair chance and every word Ruby said in their face-to-face meeting hit right to the core of their issues. It was always the Mel and Saving the World show and there wasn't enough space for Ruby in it. Ruby sharing her feelings with Mel and seeing how it immediately resonated with her is what made this story worth the screentime it got. The last two episodes thought Mel that there is more to life than being Charmed, let's see how it will shape her future.

Kaela, meanwhile, had to deal with Grumpy Harry and it was a lot. I can't stand truly behind this Harry. While I believe he would grieve very passionately, he wouldn't change his core being, the thing Macy loved the most about him. Seeing Kaela push back against him and not allowing him to disregard her during his pity party felt truly necessary. What did save this whole story was Harry eventually embracing his mistakes and realizing that he isn't the proper teacher for Kaela, not at this moment and not in this state of mind. Harry's interactions with Roxie were quite intriguing though. Roxie being revealed as a Circadian was a neat, "twist" and makes me wonder what rich history lies behind her long long life.  Who is the loved one Roxie lost so long ago? Is it a former Charmed one? Is it a Whitelighter Is it the Tallyman? What is her endgame? And why does she need Harry? And why is their immortality vital to the story?  Many questions, can*t wait for the answers

Speaking of the Tallyman, what a Son of a Bitch! Jed Rees' is playing the "man" messing up the magical world and damn he is such a sneaky bastard. During this episode, we found out he started his shenanigans about 6 months ago, coincidence? I don't think so. The question is, is it related to Macy's demise or Harry's wicked turn into a Whitelighter or the Whispering evil. The Tallyman being a remnant of the Whispering evil would be a good twist and probably a very therapeutic resolution for the sisters* grief, when they eventually defeat him. We also found out he takes loyalty quite seriously, and while I will miss Frank dearly, I enjoyed the dark route the writers went with him. The way the Tallyman toyed around with Frank and the Lamis just showed how formidable he is and it just supports the solid writing of the season. Having such a formidable foe was something seasons 2 and 3 were missing. 

Last but not least, let's talk about Maggie and Joggie. Maggie is such a wholesome person but the weight of losing so many people in her life is slowly taking its toll. One thing about Maggie was that she talks, she loves to talk, she loves to hash it out and not let things just be. It is what kept her "sane" over the years. The death of Macy left her speechless to say. The pain and loss accumulated so much that she doesn't know how to express it, so she uses aggression. What I appreciate is that it isn't like Maggie didn't try, she went to therapy, she wanted to get better but sometimes it just doesn't help. A nod in this episode was also related to Maggie being unable to use her premonition powers but how that is connected to her emotional state will be explored in an upcoming episode. My heart truly broke for Jordan as he finally had to let Maggie go, he couldn't support her toxic behavior anymore. His sort of bailing probably isn't the best way to handle the current situation but he was at his limits as well and he needed to distance himself. Jordan Donica was just so strong throughout this episode, as mentioned in my previous review Jordan is often the sound of reason and audience and his honesty really gives the show the levity it so often needs. Maggie's aggressive outburst at the guy catcalling her in the middle of the street was just the culmination of all her suppressed emotions. Beautiful work by Sarah Jeffery throughout. From her scenes with Mel in the woods to realizing her error with the Lamis mother and the moment the Lamis exploded, Sarah was just so captivating. The emotional range she portrayed throughout the episode was so complex and beautiful to watch. 

Other Tidbits:
- I love when we get former Charmed one lore. Getting even the names of the first Charmed ones was such a great moment. Ishta, Inara, and Ishanti, let's hope we will meet them one day. It was great to see that Kaela really wants to learn about magic and that despite being bored she did listen to Harry.
- The twist in the Lamis story felt so much like season 1 of Charmed. I am always a fan of Evil is made not born story and the way they used it was just so smart, as it was a strong twist and served Maggie's story so well. 
- When will we travel to the forbidden Gnome Forrest? I need to check something. And where did that mushroom take Harry?
- We also met Dev, played by Kapil Talwalker, in the Blue Camellia. The boi got game but is it enough to last a round with Kaela, looking forward to finding it out. 
- Intrigued to find out more about Roxie and Circadians. Also, can someone spell the tea on what Sunny is?

That is a wrap guys. A really eventful episode left me personally wanting more and more. We need all the eps dropped at the same time cause the wait is killing me. What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you enjoy it or did it leave you feeling nothing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don't forget to watch a new episode every Friday at 8/7 central on the CW. And stream every episode on the CW App. 

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