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Single Drunk Female - Episode 1.09 - Higher Parent - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
160276_0042_R-900x0.th.jpg 160259_0259-900x0.th.jpg 160259_0151_R-900x0.th.jpg 160259_0177A-900x0.th.jpg 160259_0142-900x0.th.jpg 160259_0145A-900x0.th.jpg 160374_3246-900x0.th.jpg 160259_0032-900x0.th.jpg 160374_2485-900x0.th.jpg 160259_0022-400x0.th.jpg 160374_2201_R-900x0.th.jpg 160276_0323-900x0.th.jpg 160276_0155-900x0.th.jpg 160374_1988_R-900x0.th.jpg

Press Release
After celebrating a milestone with a bang, Sam decides it’s time to make amends with Carol. When a fight with Joel makes Brit reexamine the future, she turns to an unlikely ally: Felicia. Meanwhile, James conceals a destructive secret.