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Dollface - Episode 2.08 - Homecoming Queen - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
dollface_208_jb_00656rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_00327rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_00242rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_00176rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_01028rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_00835rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_01309rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_01172rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_01395rt.th.jpg dollface_208_jb_00735rt.th.jpg
Press Release
S2 Episode 208 ‘Homecoming Queen’

The girls face family dynamics. Jules helps her parents pack up her childhood home. Madison sees a new side of Ruby when she meets her music-industry-mogul father. Stella joins Liv for her son’s family day at camp. Izzy takes a trip.