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Dollface - Episode 2.07 - Molly - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Press Release
S2 Episode 207 ‘Molly’

The girls attend an all-female musical festival. Jules teams up with a teenager to find her friends. Izzy struggles to let herself mourn her breakup. Stella remembers her former party girl life. The ladies deal with the effects of poorly-timed drugs.

Promotional Photos
dollface_207_jb_00813rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_00787rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_00131rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_00105rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_01341rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_01322rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_01057rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_01518rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_01777rt.th.jpg dollface_207_jb_01918rt.th.jpg