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Billions - Episode 6.03 - STD - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
1032076_6_3498376_06_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_05_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_04_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_02_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_03_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_12_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_11_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_09_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_08_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_07_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_6_3498376_10_800x600.th.jpg
Press Release
Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2022

Prince works to secure a key supporter in his bid for the games but faces an unexpected challenge when news leaks that another player is honing in on the NYC bid. Chuck investigates a mysterious run on the NYAG land bank. Taylor is forced to weigh a different kind of cost when old friends get caught in a business crossfire.