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Performers Of The Month - November 2021 Results

The results will be revealed in a YouTube Premiere event and we look forward to having all of you join us for the reveal of the extraordinary Top 5 for each side and the brilliant winners. You can join via the YouTube link below. We look forward to finding out what you all think about the results. After the premiere, the video will be available immediately following the broadcast. 

Another wild ride this month. The Reader side had one leader dominant for the majority of the voting round and they looked like they had the win locked in, however, one nominee trailed close the whole time but didn't seem to have the momentum to overtake. Then in a wildly unexpected turn of events, the Reader leader changed and the nominee who had been trailing in second took the lead and the prior leader just ran out of time to retake the lead. The Staff side was a wild slide of performers coming in and out of the Top 5. The winner wasn't even locked in until the final minutes of voting. Who do you think won on both sides? Take some time to post your thoughts in the comments while you wait for the announcement to start.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote and participate this month. This was another hard month to determine which comments to use. The quality of the comments this month was on a whole new level. Each month the comments have grown better, but this month definitely delivered some of the very best. 

Now, for the fun part, either join us live or check out the video below after the live broadcast has completed to see which of the Top 5 from each group won in their competition. After you watch the video, drop on down to the comments and let us know your thoughts regarding the winners and their amazing fellow nominees. 

The winner slides will be available on Twitter and Instagram immediately following the premiere. All of the winner slides will be available on my Twitter. If you utilize any of these slides beyond a RT or share, please provide appropriate credit to SpoilerTV. 

Please click on this YouTube link to go directly to our channel if the below link won't work for you. 




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