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Supergirl - Truth or Consequences - Review: What Were They Thinking

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If there was one constant during the last five plus seasons of Supergirl it was the powerful Danvers Sisters bond. The relationship between Alex and Kara is the strongest on the show and is the very heart, foundation and soul of the series. However, the disrespect shown that relationship in recent seasons and in particular this season is not only unforgivable, but also insulting to Melissa Benoist (Kara) and Chyler Leigh (Alex) who have poured everything into their portrayal of these characters. However, episode 6x18 Truth or Consequences not only bizarrely attacked that bond it took a sledge hammer to it.

A lot of the show’s relationships were broken in this episode by truth, and it is counter to the stronger together, El Myarah messaging of the entire series. Truth is fracturing the Super Friends when they need to be strengthening those bonds, yet truth has solidified the growing bond between Lex (Jon Cryer) and Nyxly (Peta Sergeant).
To the writers of Supergirl in general and this episode in particular, who are you and what are you doing to the beloved Danvers Sisters? Why are you choosing, two episodes from the end of the series, to destroy the very soul of the show? Sure, the sisters have disagreed and had arguments before, like they did when Jeremiah returned and when Kara was under the influence of red kryptonite but always, always their bond was evident and prevailed. Even during season 4’s excellent mind wipe storyline, which reset and solidified the sisterhood, that bond overcame even Alex not remembering her sister was Supergirl. What was done last night was totally unnecessary and felt off in every way, even if the actresses knew where their characters were coming from usually dependable Benoist and Leigh looked so uncomfortable performing those awkward and unnecessary scenes. If the writers are trying to drive a wedge between Kara and Alex to give Kara a reason to leave and go to the future as suspected, it is entirely the wrong way to go. Kara leaving to go to the future because she feels she’s not needed in her sister’s life and stands in the way of her happiness sends the absolute wrong message. For it being one of the penultimate episodes of the season and the series, the truth is the only consequence you’ve created is one of the most badly written and executed episodes of the series.
And if there was going to be a bachelorette party for Alex and Kelly (Azie Tesfai) why on earth would it be held in the posh, elegant VIP room of a modern skyscraper bar owned by one of Lena’s rich friends? Nothing about that location was about Alex and Kelly even if Lena (Katie McGrath) was giving the party as her gift to the couple the location just showed she truly knows nothing about them. The party should have rightly been held at the same location the proposal was made, Al’s Alien Bar, which is more suited to Alex and Kelly’s style and a place to which they were more intimately connected, where everyone could have been more comfortable and engaged in some fun karaoke.
This unprovoked attack on the Danvers Sisters was certainly not the only issue with Truth or Consequences. The entire episode was sending mixed messages about truth. Nyxly (Peta Sergeant)’s pursuit of truth clouded by revenge led her to see that her path has made her prefer loneliness. Yet when she finds the truth totem (in another weak use of the supposed main totem storyline) she suddenly realizes she’s falling in love with Lex (Jon Cryer) that led to a near cringe-worthy kiss in this even more cringe-worthy storyline. Alex’s desire for Esme (Mila Jones) to live her truth is wrapped up in her own struggles with being a good sister to Kara, new Mom to a child discovering her powers, and embracing her own sexuality. Brainy (Jesse Rath) comes face to face with the sad truth that his and Nia’s (Nicole Maines)’s beautiful love story was doomed from the start because he was always going to be faced with returning to the future and merging with the collective big brain. Andrea (Julie Gonzalo)’s search for truth outside of moral bounds would ultimately lead to William (Staz Nair)’s death.
And about William’s death, while the signs of his exit have been building for several episodes and he did die nobly protecting Esme, there are oh so many things wrong with the way it came about. For example, why didn’t William contact the Super friends the moment he noticed the alarm system was off? And why didn’t J’onn sense a problem with the system if he was psychically monitoring everything? Then when Supergirl, J’onn, Alex and Kelly rush to the Tower after realizing Esme is the new Love Totem, where were Brainy, Nia and Lena? Did Brainy forget how to fly? Have Nia’s endless Dream Powers gone on the fritz? Finally, was Lena’s portal watch broken? Seriously, Alex, who literally held the rose shaped loved totem in her hand last week, didn’t recognize the tattoo on the back of her daughter’s neck? And let’s not even mention the slap at the smarter Luthor and a 12th level intellect techno-organic hybrid with the improbable notion that fifth dimensional energy can be detected in a simple blood test.
Supergirl, despite a 9 p.m. (EST) showing, is supposed to be a show that is uplifting to young girls. The family unit is apart, and this creates opportunity for William’s death and Esme’s kidnapping. The Super Friends need to be seen closing ranks to fight Nyxly and instead are fracturing. Yet this show had Esme’s first foster parents put her in harm’s way and as wonderful as they are Alex and Kelly are getting off to a rocky start protecting her. She is in the Tower when William is shot and killed and Nyxly abducts her by lying and tricking her. It is just extremely disappointing that this once family-oriented show is choosing to make its final urgency and battles focus on putting a child in mortal danger. This Supergirl is certainly not the show we all once loved. Among numerous other things that have suffered in this disjointed final season is the writing. It’s hard to believe that the same writing room that once gave us Alex’s superb coming out story, the chilling saga of Reign, and the outstanding mind-wipe storyline has become such a shell of its former self. It is so sad to see the show choosing to go out with episodes that feature the classic sci-fi mistake of expecting fans to forgive bad writing because the special effects and stunts were good as they were in this episode.
The harsh and disappointing truth about Truth or Consequences is that with just next week’s two-hour series finale to go, the show presents fans with one of the worst episodes in its history.

What did you think of Truth or Consequences? How do you think Supergirl is going to end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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