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Lucifer - Season Six - Series Finale Roundtable Review: Partners To The End


This article was written by Aimee Hicks, CJ Allan, and Raquel. The opening and close of the article were written by Aimee Hicks. Prepared for publishing by Aimee Hicks.

After an extraordinary six-season run that included one cancellation, one network, one streaming service, an epic renewal, and two final seasons, Lucifer finally ended. In this article, we are going to give you our thoughts on the final season and look back on the full run of the series.

Please continue reading below to see what we felt stood out the most. After reading, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

What were your overall thoughts on Season 6? What did you think worked the best? What do you wish had been done differently? What were some of your favorite moments? Are you satisfied with how this season concluded the series?

Aimee: I thought this season was remarkably good considering the original final season had already played out and this was just an extra added bonus. I also have a weak spot for the whole child from the future coming into the lives of their future parents’ trope. I really enjoyed the addition of Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) and how effortlessly the character fit in. Her addition really did seem to bring a sense of completion to Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe’s (Lauren German) overall love story. The one, and really only thing, about this whole season that frustrates me was the lack of Trixie (Scarlett Estevez). A large part of that was due to how gifted an actress Estevez is and the fact she was already committed to other projects. It still is unfortunate that she couldn’t have been a bigger part of this final season. At the very least I had hoped to see an older version of Trixie with Rory during their mother’s last moments. We also don’t know Trixie’s status in the future, so there could be reasons for her absence. At least we got a beautiful fully rounded story for Rory from being an angry lost soul when she was first introduced to being put back together by the love of her parents. For a character that only existed for a single season they gave her a powerful arc. It also felt like there is more to her story to tell. Should there ever be a reboot of this series the character of Rory is ripe to be further explored.

Outside of the main events, this season had amazing storylines flowing through it that brought the other main characters’ stories to beautiful ends. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) might not have survived Season 5, but that didn’t mean he was forgotten in Season 6, for a character that ended the prior season stuck in Hell he got a stunning conclusion to his story. He was given a beautiful arc where his character still played a big part in the lives of his friends leading him to make his peace with Trixie freeing his soul to find peace in Heaven. Then there was Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) who pursued his dream of helping humans by joining the police force and in the process, he figured out what was broken leading him to his true calling as the new God. Unlike his own father, however, he stayed a part of his son’s life as well as Linda’s (Rachael Harris). As it turns out, Linda, proved to be one of the most consequential characters in Lucifer’s life. It was her ability to guide them all, especially Lucifer, which allowed him to take her lessons and apply them to his own true calling as the healer of lost souls instead of their keeper. Then there was Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) who after a few rocky moments got their happily ever after as they walked down the aisle during a beautiful wedding ceremony. Maze had the most growth of any character. From the series premiere to the series finale, she matured and transformed, even more than Lucifer. It was amazing to see her manifest the family she was always so desperate for into reality. If Lucifer ever gets a spinoff, the groundwork is set for it to either follow Rory’s story in the future, as I mentioned earlier, or Maze and Eve’s life as bounty hunters. Either would be incredibly entertaining TV to watch. Brandt and Lavi are such extraordinary scene partners that we can all only hope that on some project they one day reunite and share the screen again.

This final season wasn’t perfect, and in the circle of the fandom it has seen mixed reviews, but for me, I really enjoyed it. I liked how they gave the majority of the main characters solid, fully realized endings. Yes, Chloe and Lucifer’s ending was bittersweet at best, but in the end, they get to spend eternity together and their daughter can visit them whenever she wants to, given her angelic lineage. I wish Trixie had gotten a solid ending, but at least we know she went on to be an amazing big sister to Rory. Beyond that, however, she was the one character who we can only really make assumptions about. Even Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) got a happy ending with Dan while Ella (Aimee Garcia) got let in on the truth and got her happily ever after with Carol (Scott Porter), but Trixie got left flapping in the wind with her story not really fully concluded. All-in-all it was, in my opinion, a good ending to the series. I loved this season from the start to the end. 

CJ: I really enjoyed Season 6. I love story and character-focused storytelling and this season delivered just that. More one-on-one scenes (possibly because of CoVid) but I loved how they drove the story forward. I loved the reveal of Rory being Lucifer and Chloe’s daughter and her reasons for coming back. All the characters had a fitting conclusion to their stories which can be tough for a show to do.

I know a lot of people were not fans of the ending but personally, I like that it was story-driven and focused on Lucifer’s development over the 6 years (or thousands for him). Yes, they may not have spent Chloe’s mortal life together, but they got to spend eternity together after.

Raquel: I think Season 6 was quite complete and original, closing the circle in a roundabout way and making callouts to previous seasons. It all made sense, fitting into the puzzle in a way that a show gets, except a forced and meaningless ending.

That is, Amenadiel can combine being God with having a family on Earth, but Lucifer can't? It's funny because they don't even explain why. They force everything, simply to give us after-life endgame because they haven’t dared to give us a happy ending, as if happy endings are a terrible thing and they are not. We don’t need to cry to feel that it is the end of an era, and, in any case, one can cry with happiness.

A happy ending is not a terrible thing and those of us who like and want happy endings are not strangers. On the contrary, there's nothing wrong with that. Lately, producers, showrunners, and writers have a complex that I don't understand about happy endings. It's time to remove that mindless taboo! Lucifer had a perfect opportunity, but it didn't take advantage of it.

Apart from the end, it would change the fact that Chloe doesn’t react to knowing some of the sacrifices that Lucifer made for her and the little presence of Trixie in the final season. I mean, she is Chloe's daughter, and we barely see her for two minutes to close Dan's plot. The scenes with her sister Rory? Why don't we know what she thinks about the fact that her mother will go to Heaven with Lucifer? Why didn't we see more scenes with Lucifer? How is it possible that in the end, when Lucifer goes to Hell for good, he doesn't say goodbye to Trixie?

My favorite moments are all of Deckerstar's, especially the moment in the panic room and their last moments together at the LUX. They’re MAGICAL, you can’t describe them with words. Lucifer, Chloe, and Rory's beach day. The scene where Lucifer brings Rory back and she calls him “dad” for the first time and the Maze/Eve wedding, plus all the scenes of Ella in episode 8. There are a lot of favorite moments, but this is how this season is: emotional with epic moments ... and an ending that is not up to par.

What are your last thoughts on the series as a whole? What season(s) did you enjoy the most? Is there anything you wish had been handled differently? What will you miss most about this series?

Aimee: The series as a whole was brilliant and a fun ride. However, it wasn’t always a smooth ride. At times, the flow for the storytelling just felt off (Season 5a I’m looking at you), but these characters were so fully realized by their brilliant performers that it was impossible to stop watching. At times trudging through certain episodes felt like a chore but making it through the ill-paced episodes (though few and far between) was always rewarded with something brilliant. Season 5a and Season 5b being perfect examples of that. Season 5a just felt off its game while Season 5b was utterly brilliant from start to finish. I’d have to say that my favorite seasons were Season 1, Season 5b, and Season 6. There were amazing things about all the other seasons, but these seasons are the ones that I felt were the most cohesive and fully actualized.

If I could change one thing about this series, and this shouldn’t be a surprise statement at this point, but I would have had them better realize Trixie’s story and make her more critical to the story. The same goes for Ella. I feel like they wasted amazing opportunities by not including Ella in on the big group secret. As even she mentioned in this final season, she could have contributed so much had they just let her in. Garcia and Estevez were given great material to work with, but it always felt like their characters were just on the edge of everything and therefore never really got a chance to shine the way they otherwise could have. At least the writers rectified the Ella situation in the final episodes of the series, but they lost so much time with her that was a darn shame.

As for what I’ll miss the most about this series. Everything from the characters to watching this brilliant cast work opposite each other. This group just had such extraordinary chemistry in all the various partnerships that it made this show a joy to watch even when the flow of the storytelling went a bit askew. I will miss the witty banter between the characters and the rich mythology that drove the story. It is a show that will always hold a special place in my heart.

CJ: I still think Season 5 has the best story arc of all the seasons but that doesn’t mean I have enjoyed the entire series’ story developments. I feel the story of Lucifer and his redemption/finding his purpose has been a fun and interesting journey that many fans have related to. There has always been a lot of heart in the storytelling of Lucifer, and to me that’s what made it a success.

Would I change anything? Probably not, it is not my story to tell but I can say I’ve enjoyed the ride both off and on-screen to come to what I believe was a satisfying conclusion for the characters and story as a whole. We made it happen, we saved Lucifer, we got our ending, Ella hugs all around.

Raquel: I think this show started as one more procedural and ended up being a show full of heart, with soul. It told us the story of how a man broken into a thousand pieces, wounded and who hates himself, was able to rebuild himself and learn what love means, all kinds of love and understand that he deserved that love. The seasons that I enjoyed the most were Season 5 and this final Season (forget the ending).

Yes, definitely, I would have done the ending differently. In addition, it would have given much more importance to Trixie, it would have written Chloe's reaction to all the sacrifices that Lucifer made for her, and it would have motivated Maze's actions and decisions better because they were very lost with this character for a while.

The thing I'm going to miss the most…the way the show made me feel. That mixture of feelings of laughing out loud and crying with emotion the next minute. That roller coaster that made my stomach knot, and the fandom. The fandom is amazing, fun, and loving. They welcomed me with open arms. We had fun together and I found great people because of it. The fandom will never die, I'm sure of it.

With the conclusion of this article, we say our final goodbye to Lucifer. It is a series that has been incredibly special to SpoilerTV and our staff. This is a series that will be greatly missed. We look forward to seeing what this brilliant cast and crew do next. Thank you all for following our coverage for these past six seasons. A big massive thank you to the cast, creators, and crew of this show for bringing it to us over these past six seasons. In the end, the characters, the cast, and the fans remained partners to the end. 

Please use the comments to discuss all your favorite parts of Season 6 of Netflix’s Lucifer.

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