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Mom - Whip-Its and Emotionally Attuned Babies - Review: "Toledo Tony"

 On this week's episode of Mom, Trevor and Jill continue to explore their growing attraction, while Bonnie ventures into the world of mocktail making. There are interesting results...all-a-round. 

At her session with Trevor, Bonnie complains that Adam should have more of a variety of non-alcoholic drinks on the bar menu, so Trevor encourages her to try and come up with some creations. And shockingly, Bonnie's not too bad at concocting mocktails (I guess all those years of downing cocktails left her with some skill!) Except for her Thanksgiving-themed "Wishbone" creation, Adam and Tammy are seriously impressed and excited to start putting things on the menu!

Down at the juice bar, Trevor and Jill run into each other and flirt over...allergies and Kleenex. It's obvious that the two like each other, which is what Trevor tells his therapist, who lays down the law about it being unethical to date a patient's friend. As pissed off as Trevor is about Bonnie continually "ruining his life," he swears he has no plans to take things any further with Jill. 

Unfortunately for Trevor, Jill does have plans! Even though Marjorie advises her against it, Jill coincidentally runs into Trevor at the juice bar again. Trevor holds his own though (or more accurately, runs away saying he forgot his wallet!)

At AJ's, the ladies enjoy mocktails and Jill confesses to Marjorie that she engineered another meeting between her and Trevor. Although Marjorie continually tells her she needs to leave it alone for the benefit of her friendship with Bonnie, Jill still ends up laying it out to Bonnie that's she angry she can't date Trevor. And surprisingly enough, Bonnie gives her the go-ahead, saying she didn't realize how much Jill liked him, and she doesn't want to prevent her from being happy! (Maybe it's the mocktail buzz!)

At home, Bonnie finds herself reconsidering what she told Jill. In fact, she tells Adam she's downright angry herself that Jill wants to date Trevor. Adam urges Bonnie to do the rational thing and call Jill and work it out. Bonnie, being Bonnie, decides to go make more mocktails and stew over her feelings, which leads her to another disturbing revelation. Even though the mocktails are non-alcoholic, she's starting to replicate her drinking days by drowning her sorrows alone!

Jill, meanwhile, plows full speed ahead and shows up at Trevor's door, kale smoothie with "Lady Boost" in hand. Trevor's forced to finally lay out the truth to Jill - even though he likes her, he can't ethically date her. Jill's not used to taking no for an answer though, which Trevor quickly picks up on and questions why she's so persistent by asking more about her previous relationships. Jill admits her relationships usually start great and end in disaster. Trevor suggests this might have something to do with a broken relationship with one of her parents, which leads Jill to admit that her father hasn't wanted anything to do with her since her mother committed suicide. And just like that, Jill starts to realize she might have some issues of her own that are impacting her dating relationships.

At AJ's, Bonnie and Jill reconcile when Jill admits she and Trevor aren't happening. Bonnie herself admits to Jill that she's realized mocktails might be becoming her gateway drug to eventually losing her sobriety. Jill (and later Trevor) encourage her to do whatever she needs to keep healthy, even if that means sticking to nothing but club soda!

Random Thoughts:
-I agree with Bonnie, Dolly Parton is a national treasure!

-The best line goes to Trevor when talking to Bonnie about her negative feelings toward Adam for not having enough non-alcoholic beverages on the menu - "Evil Knievel couldn't make the leap you just did."

Were you surprised that Trevor ended up turning down Jill? Let me know below!

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