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American Housewife - The Heist - Review: "Shmel Bibson"

Are the Otto's willing to break the law? As this week's episode proves, it really depends on the situation.  

While Greg's busy trying his best to be an honest politician (His slogan is even Greg Otto - Integrity), Katie and Taylor are both busy getting into all kinds of trouble with their respective friend groups - Taylor with the idiot trio of "Joshes" from high school, and Katie with Tammy and JD, who have set out to pick the perfect egg donor for JD's potential future child. 

At the fertility clinic, JD, Katie, and Tammy end up getting kicked out after trying to bribe the receptionist for more information on the two donors JD is choosing from. Katie, however, isn't ready to give up. She leaves a window open in the bathroom so she, Tammy, and JD can do some good old-fashioned breaking and entering after the clinic closes! 

After Taylor and the Joshs take out their anger at a local "rage room," the Joshs have the bright idea to go "hot-tub hopping," which, no surprise, qualifies as trespassing. Although the cop says that he's letting Taylor off with a warning, Greg gets worried about how Taylor's little indiscretion will affect his "integrity" campaign when he discovers the cop took her down to the station and ran her through the booking process to scare her. Taylor assures Greg that she's willing to fix her mistake and explain to the local paper that she got off with a warning and wasn't actually charged.  

Cooper, meanwhile, is struggling with how to be useful to Oliver and Trevor's start-up now that he's given up his endless spending habits. Not helping matters is Trevor, who's only too keen to remind Cooper he's basically useless. When Cooper takes up drowning his sorrows in ice cream at the kitchen
table, Anna-Kat and Franklin encourage him to focus on his unexplored interests (They just want him to have something to do other than ruin their "date!" Unfortunately for Cooper, his interest in art definitely doesn't translate into a talent. (What can I say, he might actually be worse than me, and I was so bad my art teacher did my projects FOR ME in elementary!)

At the Westport Gazette, Greg and Taylor are dismayed when the publisher refuses not to print the story about Taylor's hot-tub hopping spree. Just when things are really starting to look bad for Mr. Integrity and his criminal daughter, the two run into Walker, whose father just so happens to own the paper. ("In fact the only reason he bought it was to keep me out of the arrest page," says Walker!) Greg asks Walker if he can get his father to leave Taylor's name out of the police blotter. But Walker's help comes with a price. Once Greg's in office, Walker wants him to rezone his ex-girlfriend's house out of Westport to bring down the property value! Greg quickly points out that wouldn't be very ethical, but Walker insists it's an open offer if he decides to change his mind. 

Anna-Kat, Franklin, and Oliver continue to try and help Cooper discover his purpose, which continues to be easier said than done. They cross construction worker off the list (Turns out Cooper made a promise to his great-grandfather on his deathbed to never do manual labor!). This is followed quickly by comedian, and it isn't too hard to see why that's not going to work either. Unsurprisingly, it's hard to be funny in any kind of relatable way when you're super-rich!  

Greg, meanwhile, asks Katie for advice about Walker's offer. Katie, being Katie, doesn't blink in telling Greg to take the deal. Integrity is for suckers!

Continuing down the path of bad choices, Katie assists Tammy and JD with breaking into the fertility clinic. All seems to be going well and they even manage to crack the computer password...and then the cops show up! Katie tries to convince Tammy and JD to slip back out the window and let her take the rap. (She's hoping this will somehow lead to her becoming the next Martha Stewart!) An unconvinced Tammy and JD encourage Katie to try and fit through the window as well, but Katie assures them it isn't possible! 

The next morning, Greg is pleased to see that Taylor's name is indeed absent from the police blotter. That is until Taylor points out the Page 2 spread (complete with mugshot!) on her mom! Greg is furious. He's "been a politician for a week and he's already doing crooked deals and has a family scandal!" Katie, meanwhile, admits to Taylor that sometimes having idiot friends like the Joshes, (or in her case, being the idiot friend to Tammy and JD, is what keeps life fun. 

Ready to take a break from helping Cooper, Anna-Kat, Oliver, and Franklin sit down to eat the grilled cheese Cooper cooked them. And surprisingly enough, they find Cooper's secret talent! Apparently, all those years of watching his family's personal chef work paid off, because Cooper is quite a good cook!

At Second Breakfast, Katie reveals to JD that their break-in wasn't all for naught. Before the cops busted her, she was able to log back into the computer and copy the addresses of the potential egg donors! 

Random Thoughts:
-Why am I not surprised that Franklin is secretly a talented comedian? Is there anything that kid can't do?

-Cooper may not have the chops to make it as a comedian, but "I like big boats and I cannot lie" is definitely the best quote of the episode! Puns for the win, ya'll!

Were you surprised at Cooper's hidden talent? How do you think Katie and Taylor's missteps will affect Greg's campaign going forward? Let me know below!