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Legacies - This Feels a Little Cult-y - Review

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This week on Legacies, Josie and Hope go off to save Lizzie from a cult, then get indoctrinated themselves. They manage to get themselves out of it, pandas are involved, but something gets unleashed. Finch and Jed play a game of pool to determine who should be alpha. Alaric and Dorian search for MG and find him with a wendigo. 

Oh look, they’re talking: You know, this is the most screen time Hope and Josie have shared since season 2. They’ve barely interacted all season. It’s amazing what can happen when Hope’s scenes don’t revolve around Landon. I’m hoping the writers will keep this up for the remaining 2 episodes of the season. It just made no sense to me that they barely interacted after Hope went into Josie’s mind to save her last season. Then again, there are a lot of decisions these writers have made that make no sense. Like Lizzie, a main character, having been absent in the past 2 episodes. Once again, to work on herself. How about we do that on-screen next time. 
There’s a line and you crossed it: Why does this show always insist on taking it one step too far. I mean, the whole cult thing was already bordering on a bit too much. Then the pandas happened. I know that this show insists on being light and funny but instead, it just makes it seem like they’re trying too hard. And, look, it was funny for 5 seconds, then it was just embarrassing. 

Not sure how I feel: I don’t think any interaction has ever left me as conflicted as the ones between Jed and Finch. He was being a jerk and deserved to be put in his place. But I also didn’t think Finch was ready to be alpha, she’s only been part of a pack for a very short while and even though she’s been a wolf probably longer than most, she’s essentially very new at this. On the other hand, I really wanted to see her kick his ass. Which is why the game of pool was incredibly disappointing. I was hope for a true werewolf fight. I also hate that she let him win. I get it, but I just feel like female characters and up doing that a lot in situations like this. It’s not a trope that I’m a fan of. Sidenote, vampires get stronger as they get older. Does the same count for werewolves? Do they get stronger the more they turn? This would’ve been interesting to explore. 

An improvement: So at least Alaric didn’t jump to conclusions again with MG. It seems like he’s learning from his mistakes (took him long enough). Though, the jury is still out. He’s known MG for a while now. I want to see if he does the same for a student he doesn’t know as well. Dorian bothered me this week but I want to blame Alaric for this. Alaric trained him. Dorian’s attitude towards vampires comes from that. Yes, he does have a bad history with rippers (Stefan) but, while training with Alaric, he could’ve easily dissuaded Dorian from that notion. He didn’t. In fact, Alaric was kind of an ass in seasons 7 and 8. I know Dorian is at Mystic Falls High now, but it really bothers me that these 2 people have been teaching young vampires. I know we haven’t seen much of the staff (if there is one) but I feel like there should’ve been at least one vampire teacher that these kids can go to when they’re struggling. It doesn’t seem like that’s the case. 
Silver lining: I know it must seem like I hated this episode. I didn’t love it that’s for sure. And I’m pretty sure I would’ve flat out disliked it if it wasn’t for the interactions between Hope, Lizzie, and Josie. They truly are the heart of the show. Their interactions are always the highlight of an episode for me. And the main reason I haven’t quit this show yet. Dear writers, please stop separating them. And stop trying so hard. They don’t need crazy gimmicks to be funny, whenever these 3 interact it’s always one hilarious line after the other. 

Best quotes: Hope: “You know, life is really just a series of disappointments, so that’s a better lesson than Shakespeare.” 
Lizzie: “We don’t worry about dicks here.” 
Hope: “Oh no, I don’t trust you because you’re a fraud.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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