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The Flash - Fear Me - Reviews

This week's episode of The Flash was a bit of everything from lame to creepy and interesting, but still some meh in the middle. We got to see Barry's worst fears, though I'm quite sure that by now we know what those are, and we got Cecile finally doing something useful with her powers. Let's discuss!

Barry, Psych and Cecile
When the meta Psych comes on the scene amplifying everyone's worst fears, I couldn't help but think about the movie Flatliners. If I remember correctly, those characters were in some sort of state that showed them their worst fears, but if they got hurt or died in those memories, they actually died. I may be mangling that poor movie plot , but it felt like something to compare this episode to.

Anyway, Barry was shown Reverse Flash and Savitar- two savage villains who hurt him and the team pretty badly. But what we find out is that Barry seems to be fine reliving those horrors because guess what? He has beaten them before so there's really no need to be afraid of them. What he is truly afraid of is losing the people he loves most because he isn't fast enough to save them. That's not new is it? This has been a constant fear of his, so much so that he creates an alternate version of time to save his mother. He spent every waking moment of season 3 trying to save Iris from Savitar because he couldn't stand the thought of being without her. Even though this wasn't a big reveal, it was kinda scary to see the nightmare through his eyes.

Iris with the black eyes and the Emily Rose-like, bone cracking walk telling Barry that he's the reason their children die was extremely harsh. I'm sure that sent Barry into a complete frenzy of guilt and fear. Nora asking why and then a dead Cisco. Whew, how much can one speedster take? 

Not one to normally applaud Cecile or the need for her powers, she was the keyto helping Barry overcome his fears in this episode. I loved how they made use of Devoe's cap to help Cecile spread Barry's courage throughout the city. It was a nice look back at a decent villain before they started to roll downhill, and a fitting way to help Cecile figure out how her powers can be more useful instead of just intrusive.

Though she didn't have much to do in this episode, the little that she was given was executed perfectly. We rarely get to see Iris be relentless in her reporting and with just a few moments on screen with Joe, we get to see how good Candice Patton can be when given the real investigative chops of Iris West-Allen. 

She stuck to her gut, got the scoop and made the case to Joe. She was also proven right by the episode's end. More of this please! 

Caitlin and Frost
I'm 1000% behind the separation of these two. Sad that it took the creative team this long to do it, but happy to be there now. It's still very weird, but I think it bodes well for both characters in the end. If Frost is ever held accountable for her crimes, Caitlin should not be made to suffer for those choices. Though at this point, she probably wouldn't seem to mind taking responsibility for her "sister's" actions. They've become so close that it would not surprise me if Caitlin willingly takes the fall with her.

Other Things I Was Thinking
*The Speed Force still being in Nora's image really puts more teeth into Barry being the paragon of love. Even after the Speed Force is destroyed and created again, it chooses the form of one of the people he loves most.

*Barry really gave me whiplash. One minute he wasn't afraid of anything and the next he needs his pep talk. 

*Iris' Spidey sense about that new government investigator was so, so good to see. From the side eye looks to the wary speech she gave Joe- THIS is the Iris we want.

*I just know that all these speed demons let out of the new Artificial Speed Force are the doing of Harrison Wells.

*I love the name Fuerza though I don't necessarily love her....

Overall, it was a decent episode. What did you think about "Fear Me"? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @NaomiAnna_. The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on the CW. As always, thanks for reading!

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