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Mom - Smores and a Sadness Cocoon - Review: "Yelling is my Favorite Sport"

On this week's Mom, Bonnie and Adam buy a second home...of sorts. 

Bonnie's finally gotten around to hiring people to get the work done on the apartment she told the building owner she's get done six years ago. (Bonnie for building manager of the year, anyone?) When one of the handymen asks her to get whoever parked the RV in the alley out of the way so he can fit his truck, Bonnie's more than happy to oblige. She eagerly goes yelling for the "dumbass" piloting the RV to move the "piece of crap," only to discover that the dumbass-in-question is...Adam!

His friend loaned him the RV for a spontaneous vacation. Adam is thrilled by the prospect. Bonnie? Not so much. She's lived in her car before, and nothing about home-on-wheels screams "Vacation!" to her. Not surprisingly, it takes a good-old Marjorie guilt trip to convince her to give it a shot. So, she agrees to a one-night trip, instead of the one-week trip Adam had in mind. 

Jill, meanwhile, has decided to quit moping around about Andy and emerge from her "cocoon of sadness" as a "beautiful butterfly." She's even excited about her plans for the day. She's going to see her dentist, a delightful old man named Dr. Mekizian who got her over her fear of dentists. (He also has great dentist jokes!) 

After her appointment, Jill discovers from the receptionist that Dr. Mekizian is retiring. To say she's dismayed is an understatement. Jill has a total breakdown. Crying, screaming, whining - right there in the middle of the waiting room! 

Back on the road, Bonnie discovers she's actually enjoying RV life - playing old board games, reading ghost stories, and making smores! She even laughs through a cop knocking on the door to tell them they can't park on private property while she and Adam are in the midst of "adult activities." Bonnie tells Adam she takes back everything she said about hating the RV and Adam tells her that's great to hear because he actually bought it!

Bonnie's not so happy anymore. She's straight-out pissed off - so much so that she decides to make Adam live in the RV! Although Marjorie warns her not to take her anger too far, Bonnie's got no plans to stop anytime soon. After all, this isn't Adam's first big purchase without letting her know ahead of time (the bar!). So, for now, Adam has no choice but to get comfy living in the RV (which is hard to do with Bonnie walking by and disconnecting his electricity!) 

At the dentist's office, Jill tries to bargain with Dr. Mekizian to keep seeing patients (or at least her.) But, he's determined to retire and live the good life. Realizing she's not going to be able to convince him to change his mind, Jill finally thanks Dr. Mekizian for all he's done for her - especially for never treating her like she's too high maintenance. 

When the renovations at the apartment complex cause the water to be shut off, Bonnie finds herself with no choice but to seek out Adam and the RV. He lets her in (only because she threatens to have him towed!) and he finally apologizes for purchasing the RV without asking her. Bonnie asks him why he keeps making big purchases without telling her. Adam says that he gets nervous she'll shoot down anything he wants to buy, so sometimes he finds it easier just to go ahead and make the purchase and deal with Bonnie's wrath later! Bonnie admits that she'd probably do the exact same thing in his shoes and promises to at least consider any "stupid" purchases as long as he brings them to her attention BEFOREHAND. 

Later, Bonnie shows the RV off to a less than impressed Jill. In the process of converting the dinner table to a bed,  Bonnie accidentally whacks Jill's mouth with the detachable table and chips her tooth. Jill's delighted though - that means one last visit to Dr. Mekizian!

Random Thoughts:
-Gus deciding on which "parent" he wants to live with was adorable!

-Funniest quote goes to Bonnie after Adam admits he bought the RV - "I'm glad you bought this thing, because live in it!"

Were you surprised by Adam's big-ticket spending? Do you think Jill is slowly losing her sanity (LOL)? Let me know below! 


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