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Mayans MC - You Can't Pray a Lie - Review

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  Mayans MC, “You Can’t Pray a Lie” was written by Andrea Ciannavei and was directed by Elgin James. This was definitely a bit of a filler episode, but it’s clearly setting us up for war on what seems like a couple of different fronts. 

Gaby (Sulem Calderon) gets EZ (JD Pardo) to the hospital, and while he lost a lot of blood – most of it being soaked up by her dress, which she’s still wearing the next day – it’s the most miraculous shot ever, hitting no vital organs and going straight through. Even more miraculous is that the guy who shot him and was hit by a truck didn’t die! Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is ready to kill him right away, but Bishop (Michael Irby) makes him wait.  

Bishop tells EZ to get out of town and take Gaby with him. Before they can leave, Emily (Sarah Bolger) shows up frantic to know he’s ok – but wtf?? They aren’t an item any more and she’s clearly not leaving Miguel (Danny Pino). I loved that Gaby didn’t give to hoots about her… Gaby and EZ take off on his bike – we get lots of scenery. I really like the chemistry between these two. They stop at a church and he tells her a story about St Francis – who was his mother’s favorite saint. It’s a story of love and sacrifice – no doubt foreshadowing their fate. The two end the day at the beach – EZ remembering she’d never been. She goes swimming and the two finally make love that night beside a bonfire.

Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) finally reports to Miguel. It’s a bit hilarious as his phone keeps ringing. Miguel is pissed – and is pretty sure he knows who did it. He tells Alvarez to answer his phone and he’ll take care of it. He takes care of it by confronting Paloma (Mia Maestro) for caving to their enemy. She accuses him of threatening her and being a criminal in front of all her people. At least now we can be sure the two of them are done – and that this is at least one war that’s taking off.

Alvarez, meanwhile, sends Nestor (Gino Vento) to babysit the Stockton Mayan who shot EZ. Angel isn’t happy. Alvarez goes to Bishop at the club to tell him to stand down. It’s the anniversary of his son’s death, so Bishop is not in a good place. He accuses Alvarez of being implicated in his son’s death because Alvarez sent him there in the first place. Bishop reminds Alvarez that he’s no longer a Mayan. After a disastrous meal with Antonia (Alexandra Barreto), at which she tells him she’s moving to Arizona with her girlfriend and asks him to sign the mortgage papers so she can sell the house, Bishop gives Angel the green light to kill the guy who shot EZ. Angel gets it done while Nestor watches – but Nestor chooses not to do anything – other than presumably report to Alvarez. 

Adelita (Carla Baratta) goes to find Mini (Melany Ochoa). She finds her with a bunch of other kids who are all huffing paint. Adelita pulls her away and tells her that Mini’s home will always be with her. It’s not entirely clear where they are at the end of the episode.

Finally, Coco (Richard Cabral) is off the grid with Hope (Vanessa Giselle) at the druggie camp. They get high, have sex (almost – drugs’ll do that to ya, Coco…), and talk about their mothers. Cabral is a joy to watch as always. Coco is clearly using to try to wipe the memory of killing his mother from his memory. Things get a bit craze that night with everyone singing, dancing, and doing drugs. Isaac (JR Bourne) tells Coco that he has to get another three keys from the club or he will burn Hope alive. Like we didn’t see that coming! Coco threatens to kill Isaac, but Isaac is not worried – at all. Coco is between a rock and a hard place. Is there any way the club would ever forgive what he’s done? Seems completely unlikely…

The episode ends with Angel texting EZ that it’s war between the clubs. Will EZ tell Gaby or push her away to protect her? Will she want to stay if he does tell her? And is it also going to be war between Miguel and San Padre? Or will he need them to wage war against Paloma and her new allies? Irby is fantastic in this episode as he agonizes over his lost child. This was definitely the episode to set us up for the run to the season finale. Things have gone very badly for San Padre so far, but hopefully, things will start to turn around. What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts on all these burning questions in the comments below!

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