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Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.07 - Review: Bleeding Love

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Before the return of season 4 on March 5th Syfy dropped the news that the remaining 6 episodes would be the last of the show. However, we can enjoy the ride while it lasts, I was one who jumped on the bus with Wynonna as it first aired and am glad to be along to review the remainder of the episodes. 

The first 6 episodes certainly were a roller coaster ride.
 So, a brief recap of what has happened before:
 Waverly and Doc were stuck in the Garden and Wynonna and Haught were trying to get them back. They had to overcome Zombies and government conspiracies before they find their way to them. Meanwhile, Doc and Waverly had their own problems to deal with ' Eve' was more interested in them than apples. 
There was a time jump when they all return to Purgatory, It had been a year and a half since they were last there and now the town is overrun. ( time moved differently in the garden) The Clanton’s are out for revenge. Nicole was whammed by some sort of swarm from Ma Clanton who seems to be the big bad and Wynonna and Doc spent way too much time at the Glory Hole with the charismatic owner Amon. Wynonna needs Peacemaker to help her solve the town's problems and soon the race was on to find Peacemaker and save Nicole’s soul in the final two episodes. It was a battle, but you know our crew always wins. Nicole does not die either after all she needed to give Waverly her answer.
 Our crew celebrates the good news, but the battle is far from over. 

  The Review below contains Spoilers for Episode 407

It has been a month; time really does fly when you are in love and wedding planning seems to be underway for the happy couple, Waverly and Haught. Firstly though they do need to get on the same page or maybe take a few pages from Waverly’s wedding scrapbook. It seems all young girls have one.  Wynonna is back, well peacemaker is and has ideas for a bachelorette party even before the engagement party. Clearly, an excuse for drinks and surprisingly male strippers... 
Love is in the air, but cupids’ arrows are flying everywhere it would seem. Well, including a few extra suitors for Waverly Earp, who is happily spoken for. Who knew love glitter was a thing!
Waverly should not have challenged a male stripper, who it turns out was a former Cupid, to a bet on love. Heartbroken he gives his love glitter to Waverly who unbeknownst to her spreads it about. Waverly tracks him down to undo the damage while Wynonna seems to want to do some damage of her own with Amon, who unfortunately has fallen under the glitter spell of Waverly. She also keeps threatening him with Peacemaker every chance she gets. Wynonna clearly is still hurting after Doc’s rejection, the rift between them is a huge canyon, and not even love glitter can save them.

 Doc meanwhile is keen to learn what happened to Ma Clanton and the answers may stir up more trouble in the future. His brush with the glitter has him charming a traumatized young Cleo Clanton, who seems lost after her mother’s death. 

The ‘WayHaught’ engagement party almost turns into a love fest and love song contest after Wynonna glitter bombs everyone but luckily Cupid’s spitballs to the butt seem to be the cure. However, while the gang is distracted, Racheal in her curious nature to see Billy has unleashed more than she realizes. 

 The episode was enjoyable though a little silly, it was entertaining nonetheless. I suppose they went for a change of pace with this episode and once again I am drawn with comparisons to other shows that go for light relief after the drama but let us be honest Wynonna Earp always tends to give us both even in the heaviest of episodes.
 The highlight for me was the coming out of her mother’s abusive shadow of Cleo Clanton, Doc Holiday may never realize what his affections have awoken as Cleo Clanton is joined by her Reaper brother Billy.

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