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Superman And Lois - The Best Of Smallville - Review: Time For Me To Fly

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So good news/bad news. The good news is that this was another great episode of Superman & Lois. The bad news is that it's going to the last episode we get until the middle of May. I heard that COVID complications forced some delays in shooting, which if that's the case, is perfectly understandable. Unfortunately, that just means we've got to live without this amazing show for almost two months. (I also again apologize for the delayed reviews, life's been really busy as of late!)

The main event going on in this episode was Smallville's annual Harvest Fest, where everyone in the town is given the chance to give back to their community. While I don't recall a Harvest Fest specifically from Smallville, it's a very Smallville-thing to do. It gives the Kents another chance to bond as a family while giving both Jordon and Jonathan the opportunity to get more acquainted with the town. Of course, it's a superhero show, so this doesn't go anywhere near as planned. 

On the Jordan/Jonathan front, Jordan begins growing closer to Sarah, meanwhile, Jonathan gets dumped by his girlfriend over the phone. This pushes Jonathan further away from Smallville, to the point of asking his father if he can move back to Metropolis. After being denied, he fully lashes out, claiming that Smallville is his Kryptonite and that he wished he never came. While I think this is a perfect example of how overdramatic teens can be, you can't help but feel a little bad for him. He was basically forced into a situation that benefited everyone around him, but not himself. By episode's end, Clark seemed to really grasp this and told him that if in a few months he hasn't adapted, he and Lois would consider letting him return to Metropolis. I thought the whole subplot was a great way to build the father/son relationship between the two. 

Throughout the episode, we got several flashbacks to a young Clark. We got a fight scene where he intimidates two thugs into returning stolen goods, a scene where Martha gives him the red stone that unlocks the Kryptonian pod, and most significantly, an emotional scene of him leaving Smallville for the first time. While there weren't any earthshattering reveals, it was cool to get a glimpse into this Clark's past, and it worked well as a parallel between Clark's teenage years and Jonathan's. It also helped the "Martha's bench dedication" scene hit better. 

On the villainous side of things, this episode furthered both the Morgan Edge and Captain Luthor plotlines. It was revealed that Sharon Powell's son Derrick, previously thought to be killed for being involved with Morgan Edge, is alive and well. This is because he was actually revived, by metas seemingly involved with Edge. He acquires Kryptonian-like abilities, accidentally destroys all the Harvest Fest donations, makes out with another evil meta, and goes toe-to-toe with Clark (in an excellent chase scene) before completely imploding. Suspicious? I think so. Meanwhile, Morgan Edge replaces all the lost donations, further gaining the trust of Smallville's people. Things are quickly amping up on that front.

This episode finally put more focus on the other big bad of the season, Captain Luthor. He takes an interest in Lois Lane, attempting to get close to her in hopes of getting closer to Superman. After approaching her in a cafe and lying about his journalistic ambitions, Lois gives him her contact info. Not too long after, we find out that on his Earth, he was the one who married Lois, not Clark. How's that for a twist? It's evident that while he retains many aspects of the classic Lex Luthor, the writers have given him plenty of significant differences. If you haven't figured it out by now, there's definitely more than meets the eye here.

The episode ends with Jordan being attacked by Tag, who claims Jordan is the one responsible for his newfound abilities. It was a good cliffhanger, but unfortunately, that makes it even harder to wait until the show returns to follow it up!. 

Rating: 8.3/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Post your opinion in the comments!

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