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New Amsterdam - Episode 3.05 - Blood, Sweat & Tears - Promo, 2 Sneak Peeks, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Sneak Peeks

Promotional Photos
NUP_192633_1865.th.jpg NUP_192633_1753.th.jpg NUP_192633_1737.th.jpg NUP_192633_1883.th.jpg NUP_192633_0447.th.jpg NUP_192633_0438.th.jpg NUP_192633_0307.th.jpg NUP_192633_0928.th.jpg NUP_192633_0863.th.jpg NUP_192633_0758.th.jpg NUP_192633_0498.th.jpg NUP_192633_1578.th.jpg NUP_192633_1620.th.jpg NUP_192633_0052.th.jpg NUP_192633_0969.th.jpg NUP_192633_1533.th.jpg

Press Release
When Sharpe notices the hospital’s blood supply is running dangerously low, Max concocts a plan to get New Amsterdam out of trouble. Reynolds realizes he has a thing or two to learn from Bloom while making peace with his new position. Iggy helps a patient face their inner demons.