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Walker - Don't Fence Me In - Review

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This was the first episode that started without an Emily flashback. I didn’t mind getting straight into the action. Without them, the episode had a different feel. Honestly, I didn’t mind it. It was just surprising. I know I’m in the minority about the flashbacks, most of you love them. I love seeing Emily and Walker interact, but I don’t think we need flashbacks every episode.

Here we go.

We’re driving past an oil field with Walker and Micki. Walker is still trying to get to know her, and she is still keeping him at arm’s length. I’m sure this is somehow related to her wanting to be an awesome Ranger. I get it, but I also think trusting your partner is a necessity in all relationships.

A call comes through on the radio. Bob Harlan, oil field boss, is dead, and a Hispanic male was seen fleeing the scene. Walker and Micki spot the subject and give. The suspects’s truck is weaving all over the road, so they might already be injured.

This is more action than I’m used to from Walker. Every week this show has been reinventing itself, which is the surest sign that it doesn’t know what it wants to be, making it hard on the audience. We’re all here waiting for its final form. Also, every episode of Walker strengthens my love of trucks. I wanted one before the show started, but now I really want one.

Turns out Enzo Carillo, the driver of the truck, is a member of the Olvidado gang. With Enzo apprehended and hospitalized there is a press conference,while standing awkwardly on the podium, Micki notices someone staring from the crowd. It’s Enzo’s daughter, Delia, and she has words for Micki. Delia tells her to look into Enzo’s past because he would never go back to the Olvidado gang. She also accuses Micki of turning on her people. That had some bite to it.

We all know Monty Shaw is guilty, right? We also meet someone named Stan. His job is processing Ranger applications. Why are we meeting this man? Is he important to the episode, or is Walker building it’s recurring character list? About a minute later, we meet Winston. He was Micki’s partner in the Austin PD. From him, we learn her nickname is Muskrat, and she loves bourbon. I also love bourbon. You now know me as well as Walker knows Micki.

It’s time to give some attention to the Walker family. Family time has been the show’s strength, but the case this week is holding its own. The Walker’s are officially moving into the stable house, and everyone seems happy. It won’t last. Stella mentions her community service. It’s at the stables where the Rangers keep their horses. Walker is a little worried because she’ll be there with prisoners, but Stella reassures him.

Remember Isabel and her parents? Well, Liam is helping them with their possible deportation, but it doesn’t look good since I.C.E. has them on their radar. Stella overhears the conversation, and you can see the worry on her face.

In another part of the house, Augie is opening an old box. Walker seems a little upset by Augie’s discovery. Just as Walker enters the room, Augie manages to hide a cell phone and an old disposable camera. According to Walker, it’s just a box of junk from an old case. Sure it is, Walker.

Stan from the bar is standing in the Walker’s kitchen with Bonham. Abby’s making jalapeno jam and saying mean things to Bonham. I hate passive-aggressive behavior. Are we suspicious of Abby and Stan? Well, I’m tired of Abby. My feelings aren’t helped when later, Walker finds a pile of letters addressed to Abby from Gary. Who is this person? Team Bonham.

Micki is an artist; I studied art. First the bourbon, now the art, we are almost the same person. What does it mean that it took me a while to (luke)warm up to her? Trey walks into her little home art studio to announce that he has a job interview. They are focusing a lot on Micki’s artistic prowess, which means it’s going to help unlock the case.
Micki is digging deep into Enzo Carillo’s past. Apparently, Captain James doesn’t want her digging. This happens off-screen, and James remains suspicious. Before Micki can talk to Enzo, he passes away.

Stella arrives at community service, which is run by Vern. I feel like Vern is the type of man who doesn’t play. We also meet Trevor with the pretty eyes. Surprising no one, he catches Stella’s attention.

We leave one daughter for another. Delia is telling Micki and Walker how wrong they are about Enzo. Filled in teardrop tattoos means he got out of the gang, and there is nothing that would ever make him return to that life. The plot thickens when we learn that Mr. Harlan is a friend of the family. He’s so close to Enzo and Delia that he attended her quinceanera.

Leaving Delia, they talk to the remaining Harlan family. Mrs. Harlan didn’t like being around Enzo because he stared at her children. The daughter backs up her story and flirts with Waker. Bernard, the son, dismissively calls Walker Ranger Rick, which I googled before declaring, “I remember you!” I hate this whole family. Another plot twist, Harlan left everything to Enzo. Slayer rules would prevent Delia from collecting if Enzo is found guilty of Harlan’s murder. Raise your hand if you thought of Buffy when you heard slayer rules?

We arrive at Joe’s Photo Hut where Ruby, Augie’s crush, works. She developed the film from the old disposable camera. It’s a picture of Walker with a woman on his lap. A woman that is not Emily. Augie grabs the still wet picture, which hurt me a little, and raced out of the room. Augie doesn’t seem the type to boldly confront his father, so he’ll probably strategically place the picture.

Micki’s drawing breaks the case. In drawing both Harlan and Enzo, she can’t help but notice the family resemblance. Enzo was Harlan’s son. She takes the information to Walker while he’s busy talking to Liam about the mysterious Gary. We learn that Gary happened during Abby and Bonham’s rough patch, right before Emily died. So what is this current patch? I’m already exhausted by their marital problems. Let’s wrap this up next week one way or another—reconciliation, divorce, death, whatever—just make it go away.

Apparently, being the boy with just so wavy hair and pretty eyes has its perks. Who knew. During Stella and Trevor’s romantic ride to bring back the runaway horse, she asks for his advice on making things up to Isabel and her parents. Ah, the first blush of a CW romance.

The woman on Walker’s lap is named Twyla. Augie decides to use the purloined phone to text her. This is going to be disastrous. Although, maybe we should be asking why Walker still has a burner phone from an undercover operation. Isn’t that the sort of thing you turn in with the case file?

So many affairs this episode. Mrs. Harlan was having an affair with Monty Shaw. When Micki questions him in his truck it doesn’t go well. No worries though, Walker is following behind. How do you in one breath say you aren’t a dirty cop and in the next pull a gun on a U.S. Marshall.

Stella offers a mea culpa to Isabel with moonshine? The jalapeno jam? As Stella is leaving, Trevor comes in with the perfectly timed Instagram follow. Back at the ranch, Walker tries to talk to his mom about his suspicions, but she deflects by saying Bonham sleeps in the bunkhouse because of his snoring. I’m not an Abby fan. You don’t get to have an affair and an attitude problem.
Augie leaves the picture on the table where Walker can’t miss it when he walks through the door, he wants to know about Twyla. Walker tells him that she was part of his undercover crew, but Augie’s still worried about how happy Walker looks in the photo compared to how he looks now. Walker does his best to reassure Augie. In the end, they take a sweet picture together. No discussion of the hiding of the camera? No talk about violating privacy? Augie’s getting a pass?

Liam meets with another new character, Ada. She delivers Emily’s case files to Liam. He’s also surprised to discover that Captain James is still looking into the files even though he told Walker to back off the case. Hi, Liam, you also told Walker to let the case go.

Walker checks on a sleeping Augie just as Twyla texts back. She’s in town and wants to see “Duke Culpepper.” None of you are going to fight me about “Duke Culpepper” being a ridiculous undercover name, are you? As predicted, Augie has screwed up. Now, this Twyla woman thinks Duke is out of jail. Walker looks a bit panicked.

So it turns out the murder of Emily is still on the table, along with the Duke Culpepper undercover operation, the Abby and Bonham situation, the Isabel’s parents and I.C.E. situation, the Liam and Bret moving to New York situation, the burgeoning Stella and Trevor situation, and all of the suspicious people in Walker’s life. It’s going to be a busy season. I’m ready.

What did you think? Which storyline is your favorite?

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