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Grown-ish - Episode 3.15 - Over My Head - Promotional Photos, Promo + Press Release

Promotional Photos
156918_0001A-900x0.th.jpg 156918_0004-900x0.th.jpg 153710_2932-900x0.th.jpg 153710_2923-400x0.th.jpg 156918_0019-900x0.th.jpg 156918_0006-900x0.th.jpg 156918_0018-900x0.th.jpg 156918_0010-900x0.th.jpg 156918_0012-900x0.th.jpg 156918_0016-900x0.th.jpg

Press Release
Zoey wonders if she’s cut out for the real world after becoming the subject of a nasty rumor at work. Nomi sees Phil for the first time in a year and debates whether to tell him about Luna. Doug plans a house party to cheer on Jazz and Sky in their Olympic-qualifying race.