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Magnum P.I. - The Day Danger Walked In - Review

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Since in the past weeks there was no review of the first episodes of season 3, I will use the first paragraphs of this one to make a brief recap of some of the highlights of this season, that may be useful for you to catch up, if you have missed any of these episodes. 

First of all, Higgins's situation as the owner of Robin's Nest, although at the beginning of the season it was addressed more thoroughly, because it was just where we had left off at the end of the previous one, for now it only remains present with some comments, although I think eventually it will be given more attention. The pandemic issue has also been present through some slight references in each episode, specifically related to Rick and his place, since this situation affected La Mariana, as well as many other businesses around the world. 

Another subject that has remained constant in these episodes, and it couldn't be otherwise as it is one of the main themes of the series, is the strong bonds of friendship and the family that has formed between all the characters, as references are continually made to how everyone is always there for each other no matter what. The best example of this was seen in the previous episode, where everyone was on Kumu's side, when she needed it the most for finding herself in trouble for staying true to what she believed in. It was very touching the scene where, when the police were going to take her away for stealing a relic, everyone was willing to be arrested along with her.

On the other hand, there is a somewhat sinister lurking presence, which has also remained present with certain mentions in these first episodes, since in the first episode we saw how a strange character in an SUV has been following Magnum. I guess this issue will take relevance in the upcoming episodes, and surely it will have to do with a longer arc that will develop towards the middle or the end of the season.

In addition, we have also seen a subtle change in the relationship between Magnum and Higgins, beyond the fact that she is now his boss and the owner of the house where he lives and the cars he drives. This change was triggered by the first case they investigated this season, as Higgins was shot and from there we could see the concern that this situation created in Magnum, even though she seemed not to have been so distressed about her life having been in danger. Add to this that the doctor who saved her, Ethan Shah, ended up becoming her boyfriend, and as a result of this I feel that we have seen a transformation in Thomas' attitude that I feel, at times, makes him look a little more serious or mature from what we saw in the previous seasons, especially when it comes to Juliet.

Now, with these ideas in mind, it's time to get down to business and recap this week's episode, which centers its plot on a hurricane that is about to hit Hawaii, so the group helps Rick keep La Mariana safe, helping to board up windows and secure doors to prevent water and wind from causing damage. We see Rick worried, because as he confesses to Magnum, he stopped paying the hurricane insurance for the place because he had to adjust the budget due to having to close for a while because of CoViD. After this, we also find out that Higgins has a date planned with Ethan to go ice skating, which surprised me, as well as the rest of the characters, considering the weather situation. While we learn this, TC arrives with Booky (Roger E. Mosley), who thinks Higgins is Magnum's girlfriend.
Booky: “Well, who do we have here? You finally got a girlfriend?” Higgins: “Oh, in his dreams.” Magnum: “This is Juliet Higgins. This is my partner.” Higgins: “And his employer.” Magnum: “You just love saying that, don't you?”
At that moment Ethan, who was late for their date, also arrives and although everyone tells him about the dangers to go out in that weather, he dismisses the alerts and thinks it is an exaggeration of the news, but then everyone receives a notification that alerts them about the increase in category of Hurricane Jemma, plus the change in the trajectory that will now make it pass right where they are, so their date is cancelled, as they have to stay in La Mariana, sheltered with everyone else.
Magnum: “What'd you say about the hurricane not making landfall?” Ethan: “Yeah, I, uh, guess I may have been overly optimistic there.” Magnum: “Well, least you're a doctor, not a meteorologist.” Ethan: “Yeah. Good thing.” Magnum: “Yeah.” 
At this point, Ethan tells Higgins that he thinks Magnum doesn't like him very much, but she dismisses these comments, although at the same time Thomas shows his disapproval of the relationship between Juliet and the doctor, considering that she was his patient. Shammy and TC don't understand why their friend reacts this way, but Magnum seems to have given a lot of thought to analyzing this situation, as he has even done some internet research on what the medical community thinks of doctors who date their patients.

When the wind picks up and the rain starts to come in through some leaks in the roof, TC improvises karaoke to distract the crowd and sings along with Booky, while two security guards arrive looking for shelter from the storm, whom Kumu later invites to join in a game of poker with others present. At this point too, Magnum makes some remarks about Ethan that make Higgins reconsider what he said earlier about not liking him, but Thomas is very insistent that he has no problem with her boyfriend. Although TC seems to know more than Magnum himself about why he's reacting that way to Juliet and Ethan's relationship, as he comes to him with a fairly sensible explanation that gives the detective another perspective on what might be going on.
Magnum: “It's actually a good thing that Ethan was late picking you up today, because had you been on the road when you planned to be, right? Hurricane's getting worse. I mean, you guys could've gotten seriously injured.” Higgins: “Yeah, okay, so he's not a genius prognosticator. So what?” Magnum: “No, but he is a doctor. You would think a doctor would have more common sense than that. That's all. It's just… observation.” Higgins: “You don't have a problem with him, do you?” Magnum: “No.” Higgins: “Okay.”
TC: “You know, I think I know what your real problem is with Dr. Ethan.” Magnum: “That he was Higgy's doctor and it's technically unethical.” TC: “Nah, that ain't it. See, you don't like him because you've been displaced. See, now that she's got Ethan, you're no longer the number-one guy in Higgy's life.” Magnum: “Nah, that's, uh...that's crazy.” TC: “Is it?” 
Suddenly, a man, who is accompanied by his wife, starts having an asthma attack, so Dr. Shah helps him and ends up making a temporary inhaler that will help him a little to calm the attack. Meanwhile, Magnum offers to go to the couple's car to get the real inhaler, but when he's out there he makes a shocking discovery, as he finds two dead men inside the armored van left parked by the guards who are now inside La Mariana, so he infers that those were the real guards and the other men are the killers. When he enters he shares his concerns with Higgins, and they both decide not to make any moves but to wait for the storm to pass, but they agree to alert the rest of their friends to be careful. Just as they are talking about this dangerous situation, the power goes out and they discover that the electricity generator is out of fuel and it is thanks to Magnum for not refilling it the last time he used it.
Higgins: “Keeping a genny without any petrol in it slightly defeats the point, doesn't it?” Rick: “Well, you can thank Thomas for that. He was the last one to have the generator. He said he'd fill it up.” Rick: “Come on, how was I supposed to know there was gonna be a hurricane?” Rick: “All right, I got some candles in the back, but those? Those future dead fish right there? That's on you, pal. Fish killer.”
Because of this, everyone votes for Magnum to go out and get gas from a car that they can use to start the generator. At this point we learn that Dr. Shah has a dark past as he confesses that he syphoned gas out of some cars when he was young and even stole a vehicle, but now this ability comes in handy so he goes with Thomas to carry out the mission. And in this moment they have alone, Ethan is encouraged to confront Magnum about his suspicions and although at first, the investigator continues to deny that he has a problem with him, he finally comes clean with the doctor about the reason for his attitude, which makes things soften a little between them.
Magnum: “I don't have any issues with you. Higgy and I, we work really closely together, and… Now I got to share her with somebody else. That's… I don't know, it's new for me. I know it's kind of selfish, but… it's the truth. And I just got to get used to the idea that I'm gonna have to share her with somebody. It's a little hard. Not gonna lie.” Ethan: “I get it. And for what it's worth, what you guys have, as far as I'm concerned, that came first. You're a team. A good one, from what I hear. And I wouldn't want to do anything to get in the way of that.” Magnum: “Appreciate it.”
When they are back at La Mariana, a boat comes through a wall and falls on top of a man, at this point I could only think how lucky they were to have a doctor in there, because boy, did he have a lot of work. Finally, the generator starts to work and the power is restored and Magnum and Higgins have a plan to try to communicate with Katsumoto, using the boat's radio, and although they succeed, he tells them that it is difficult to send police over because the roads are flooded.

At this point, Rick finally comes clean with TC and confesses that he stopped paying the insurance premiums that protected them against this type of disaster, which makes him very angry. Here I thought that maybe TC would be more understanding with Rick, but the truth is that he was right in reacting this way, because his friend should have talked to him before making such a decision, although he finally forgives him and they agree not to keep this kind of secrets from each other again.

Eventually, the fake guards become suspicious of the gang and finally show their cards and threaten them with their guns, then Ethan reacts in a rather impulsive way and struggles with one of the men trying to reach for his gun, but all he manages to do is get shot in the leg.

From here, events precipitate. Magnum, Higgins, Rick and TC along with Ethan are locked in a freezer and the rest are kept outside. There, Juliet is guided by Ethan to remove the bullet from his leg while Thomas stays by her side. Finally, Booky, who managed to hide from their captors, goes through the wall of the freezer with a truck and get his friends out, and then together they confront the criminals and disarm them.

And just as they worked as a team to save their lives, now they all come together to repair La Mariana. In the last scene, Higgins and Magnum have a brief but rather significant conversation, as she tells him that her relationship with Ethan seems to be turning serious and that she really cares about them being friends, and although Thomas tells her that he's fine with it, he doesn't seem to be so happy about it. 
Higgins: “Ethan says thanks, by the way. He said you were terrific in the freezer.” Magnum: “Come on, you did the hard part.” Higgins: “This is true. But you were there with me, too. And thank you for what you said to him about being brave. I think he feels a little bit foolish for trying to play the hero.” Magnum: “Uh, you're welcome, but...what he did…” Higgins: “Was incredibly stupid. Yes, no question.” Magnum: “You know, I actually think Ethan's… he's a good man.” Higgins: “I appreciate you saying that. Means a lot. And... I'm glad you're being so supportive of our relationship, because… well, I think it… might turn into something really serious, and… I'd like you guys to be friends.” Magnum: “Of course. Me, too.”
Ethan proved in this episode how little common sense he has, considering that he first dismissed the seriousness of the hurricane and then confronted the criminals out of nowhere and that cost him dearly because he got hurt, and here I am with Magnum, because I would think that being a doctor he would be more sensible. But what I find most remarkable about this episode is that we discovered how important Magnum is to Higgins, despite the fact that it usually appears quite the opposite, because she keeps making fun of him, and it is very significant to see how much he values Thomas' opinion, especially about his relationship with Ethan; plus maybe there is something else that is bothering Magnum about Juliet and Dr. Shah that he may not have realized yet, but we'll see how this plot continues to evolve in the next episodes. 

What did you think about the storylines of season 3 so far? Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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