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Legacies - We're Not Worthy - Review

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After a very long hiatus, Legacies finally returns. Hope won’t wake up. Landon is dead and refuses to come back. Nimue shows up and ruins MG’s field day. Lizzie tries to protect Josie from a vengeful Alyssa. In the end, Josie goes off to Caroline (wherever she may be). Hope wakes up when Landon does. Rafael draws a fancy sword. Alyssa goes to see the necromancer after one of the returned lackeys dies (meaning she and Rafael are next). And Alaric… did nothing? I guess he kind of just stood around. 

Technicality: I guess we have to keep in mind that this was never supposed to be the season premiere. This was just supposed to be some random episode at the end of season 2. It was mediocre as a random episode, it was terrible as a premiere. How about we institute a new rule that says you have to write every episode as if it’s a very important one? No more fillers! 
Not entirely undeserved: Yes, Alyssa is a bully. I get why Lizzie wanted to stand up for her sister. But Alyssa does have a reason to be pissed. I mean, Josie did kill her. If it hadn’t been for Ted, she would’ve stayed dead and Josie would’ve had to deal with the consequences of that. She shouldn’t get a free pass just because Alyssa didn’t stay dead. Though, that seems to be a common thing in this universe. The killing of unimportant characters and characters that didn’t stay dead often gets glossed over. It’s very rare that we get to see them deal with the consequences. Alyssa’s not out of the woods yet, though. She could still die and I hope the show will take the time with Josie and how she handles the guilt. Sidenote, what Lizzie said about Alyssa’s parents… wow. That was way over the line. Alyssa was a kid back then and clearly hasn’t dealt with all of that properly (no surprise given the state of counseling at that school). 

Someone rescue him from this show: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character who thinks he’s worth this little. I mean, he was going to sacrifice his life for Landon. He always puts everyone else first. I’m glad he was the one who pulled that sword. He needed a win. Especially with what’s coming next week. This show has yet to kill off a major character. Considering how the writers have treated him so far and the fact that he’s not on the poster… it’s not looking good. 

That’s not healthy: Let me get this straight, Landon died and somehow Hope subconsciously knew this and refused to wake up? Is this part of her powers or something? Because she didn’t seem to have this when her mom died. Anyway, I know the writers are obsessed with Hope and Landon’s relationship (to the point where Hope has barely had a storyline of her own) but her not wanting to wake up because her boyfriend is dead is not romantic. It’s a red flag. This girl has had to deal with a lot of grief in a short amount of time and still has not properly dealt with it (I swear, everyone on this show needs therapy). And I’m sure that this will be completely ignored next week, but if she doesn’t deal with it, it’ll be like a ticking time bomb. She’s absolutely terrified of losing anyone else, to the point where she’ll throw her own life away just to avoid that. I know that this show wants to be light and funny but they can’t just ignore these heavy subjects. 
Best quotes: Alyssa: “Sorry, just for clarification. Does “our community” include your daughter, who murdered me and held the entire school hostage to stage a grotesque display of black magic power?” 
Rafael: “Hope is literally in a hero coma. Hero moves always lead to tragedy.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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