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Big Sky - Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Michael Raymond-James, Ryan Dorsey & Omar Metwally Join Recurring Cast

David E. Kelley’s hit freshman ABC drama series Big Sky continues to bulk up its cast with the addition of five high profile recurring guest stars, Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Michael Raymond-James, Ryan Dorsey and Omar Metwally.

Forbes (The Killing) will play the mother, Margaret. She seems to be the picture-perfect ranch wife who knows her place, likes to bake and loves all of her children equally, but scratch the surface and there’s real steel beneath.

Robertson (For the People) will play the daughter Cheyenne Kleinsasser. Used to be Daddy’s girl, but that ended when she grew up, ran off and made some poor life choices. Her brothers don’t weigh her opinion at all, brushing aside her ideas for the ranch as feminine nonsense.

Raymond-James (Tell Me a Story) will play first-born son Blake Kleinsasser who turned his back on the ranch and went to the city to make his own way. He’s smart but a black-out drunk, and gets pulled back into the family dysfunction when he comes home to deal with the ranch.

Dorsey (Stumptown) will play younger son Rand Kleinsasser. Rand’s wiry, smart and quiet with a coiled intensity. He loves his mother and hates her in equal parts. Tormented by buried secrets.

Metwally (The Affair) will play Deputy US Marshal Frank Lindor. Or as he puts it; “a bounty-hunter with a pension.” Frank is brash, unbuttoned, and believes life’s too short to wear closed-toed shoes. He uses biting humor and brazenness as armor.