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Soulmates - Episode 1.03 - Little Adventures - Promotional Photos & Press Release

Promotional Photos
SM_103_JA_1101_0380_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1101_0452_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1101_0164_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1101_0243_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1022_0495_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1101_0009_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1101_0125_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1031_0630_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1031_0345_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1031_0316_RT.th.jpg SM_103_JA_1022_0105_RT.th.jpg

Press Release
"Little Adventures"

New, 10/19/2020, Season 1 / Episode 3 , Drama, Romance
Adam and Libby's happy but unconventional marriage is disrupted when Libby's test results come through; when gorgeous, fun-loving Miranda arrives in their lives, Libby struggles to draw lines between her feelings for her husband and her soul mate.