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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2020 - Day 29 - Quarter-Finals

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We began with 64 shows. Now only eight remain. Which of our quarter-finalists will go on to win the title? Let's find out...

The 2019 winner is out. Shadowhunters was eliminated by the 2018 winner, and the show which is now the favourite to win this competition, Lucifer - and it was a demolition job too, with the FOX-turned-Netflix show picking up more than three-quarters of the votes. It faces FRIENDS, which is into the final eight for the first time ever. It's beaten some strong shows on the way, too: Timeless, Westworld, The Umbrella Academy. Winning today will take some work, though.

It's a first quarter-final appearance since 2017 for Outlander, the 2014 winner bouncing back after two straight years of third-round elimination. The Big Bang Theory couldn't inflict that pain on the Starz drama again. Outlander's reward? A tie against Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's a repeat of the 2017 quarter-final, won by the FOX-turned-NBC comedy, so exact that it was indeed the bottom-left portion of the draw back then just as it is now. They also faced each other in 2018's third round. Brooklyn won that too. 3-0 today?

The 100 ruffled plenty of feathers with its latest episode, so it will be interesting to see whether that has any impact on today - the last time such a thing happened, months before the competition in 2016, it recorded its lowest-ever finish. Anyway, it knocked out fellow CW show Arrow in round three and has to face another CW show, in Supernatural. This is the three-time winner's first appearance at this stage since 2016, but it hasn't progressed further since 2014. This should be quite the thriller.

First-round exits in 2017 and 2018 look so far in the past now for Wynonna Earp. Fringe was the first major 2020 test and after defeats to fairly stern opposition in previous years, passing it with flying colours is a good sign. But it only gets harder from here. Motherland Fort Salem continues to impress, cruising past a former runner-up, Once Upon a Time, to make the quarter-finals. Only 11 shows have ever reached the semi-finals on their debut. Can Motherland join that club?

A reminder of the rules:

1) Two shows will go into battle in a poll, where after exactly 24 hours, the leading show will win the battle and will progress into the next round. Each poll will open at 12pm ET on a given day.
2) Vote for your favourite and spread the word with your friends & fans.
3) One vote per person per poll.
4) Comment on what you voted for on in the comments below.
5) Have fun. This is a friendly & competitive competition. Please do not start attacking other fans or fangroups in the comments, because this really isn't what this competition is about.

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Don't forget to Facebook, Tweet, and share the poll with your friends! The more people that you get to vote, the better chance your favourites will win!

Remember to check back Monday for the semi-finals!

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