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Lucifer - Season 5A Preview - "Season 5 is shaping up to be the strongest yet"

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Disclaimer:  This is a non-spoiler preview for Season 5A published on August 19th at 00:00 BST. We will have a full spoiler-filled review after August 21st and an exclusive interview with the Exec Producers on Thursday August 20th and Monday August 24th.

To celebrate the return of Lucifer on Netflix on August 21st we have decided to bring back our highly popular teaser articles from last year, and give you "6 Days of Hell". That's right, it's going to be 6 days of hell leading up to the return of Lucifer to our screens. For the next few days, we will be posting teasers, interviews, episode previews, and more.

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Aug 15 00:00 BST - Ep1 & Ep2 Teasers
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Aug 17 00:00 BST - Ep5 & Ep6 Teasers
Aug 18 00:00 BST - Ep7 & Ep8 Teasers
Aug 19 00:00 BST - Season 5A Preview
Aug 20 00:00 BST - Exec Producer Interview (Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson)

6 Days of Hell - Day 5 Season Preview

So, here we are, Season 5 is upon us. The final season, that is no longer the final season! But telling stories as if there is no tomorrow, and that’s what adds to the excitement of Season 5. They are taking risks and on the whole, it pays off.

So what are my thoughts I hear you say? Well, I’m gonna get a negative out the way, and it’s more of a personal gripe and technically my fault. The trailer reveals a character I would have enjoyed not knowing was going to appear and took away something from the first episode. I won’t reveal the character but if you know, you know. Go in blind if you can. I feel Episode 1 is possibly the weakest of the 8 episodes but still highly enjoyable.

From episode 2 is where Lucifer starts to hit its stride, with a good mix of entertainment, suspense, and fun that not many shows can achieve. We get our usual dose of drama but its when Lucifer has fun with itself that it really stands out. The show is willing to take risks and Episode 4 is a brilliant example and helps to build confidence that they can achieve something special with the musical episode, a feat many shows have failed.

But the heart of Lucifer always comes down to the characters and the performances of the cast. Since the move to Netflix and the longer episodes, characters other than Lucifer/Chloe can start to have more development, and similar to season 4, this brings the show to a new level. The cast, on the whole, has not faulted, with stand out performances from Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze) and Rachael Harris (Linda). Their storylines intertwine and bring out some deeply emotional scenes that may not have been given the chance in the old 42-minute format. They were both given the challenge to bring some much-needed heart to the season, and neither disappointed.

Aimee Garcia always lights up every scene she is in with her bubbly energy, but when called for, can take a more serious side (looking at you episode 8). Similarly, Kevin Alejandro can flip a switch from serious to light-hearted comedy (and owns Episode 4 for his comic timing). D B Woodside's Amenadiel has not as much to work with for the first 8 episodes compared to some but this may be due to a stronger storyline for him in the final 8 episodes of the season (I’m sure you can work out what that links to). However, when D B is on the screen (especially Episode 5) he puts in a strong performance and I look forward to what he will do in the second half.

What does that mean for Tom and Lauren? Well as always, they know how to keep the chemistry burning on-screen and it always feels fresh and new on the topsy-turvey rollercoaster of Deckerstar. The leads both stand up to the challenge and give some great individual performances and some much-needed interaction with other cast members. Fans will not be disappointed with their storylines and will be left wanting more. Fans will be desperate for its return after episode 8. It is fair to say that Season 5 would be a test for Tom Ellis to showcase his acting talents for one particular storyline and he meets the expectations both physically and mentally for the said role (sorry Spoilers!)

The episodes themselves give us a nice mix of serious and light-hearted entertainment to keep us interested but things really start to hit its momentum at the end of episode 6. These final 3 episodes each have a cliffhanger that will make you want to watch the next episode immediately. Luckily we don't have to wait a week. Thank you, Netflix.

To reveal the storylines for each character I feel would be an injustice to the cast/crew and are best to been watched and revealed as they happen. There are moments you will love, hate (in a good way), and will have you laughing but when the emotions run deep this is where the show's cast stands out.

One thing is for sure though, Season 5 is shaping up to be the strongest yet, and this is down to the risks in storytelling, genre-bending episodes, and strong performances from the cast. "God" knows what will happen next...

CJ's Thoughts

Favorite Episode: Episode 2 
Best Performance:  Lesley-Ann Brandt & Rachael Harris
Favorite Scene: It involves a Vending Machine
Funniest Scene: Anything with Kevin in Episode 4
Biggest Reaction:  Most of episode 8 (it does not let up)

Mini-Episode Review

Episode 1 - Really Sad Devil Guy
Investigations from above and below with everyone investigating the murder of a known criminal. Some fun elements and a twist ending. Possibly the weakest episode in the season but still enjoyable to watch

😈😈😈 / 5

Episode 2 - Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer
Lucifer returns but something seems different but will Chloe notice? Great episode with the cast clearly having fun with their characters and is the perfect mix of drama and fun. A personal favorite episode of mine now.

😈😈😈😈😈😈 / 5 (yes I gave it 6)

Episode 3 - ¡Diablo!
Lucifer goes all meta while investigating a murder on the set of a TV show inspired by the devil himself. Another fun episode where the cast who are settled into their roles can have fun and the show can have a joke at itself.

😈😈😈😈 / 5 

Episode 4 - It Never Ends Well For The Chicken
The highly anticipated "noir" episode which is Lucifer telling a story to his favorite mini-human. The cast are brilliant with Trixie/Lucifer relationship providing some of the best scenes. However, it is Kevin Alejandro who steals the episode every second he appears.

😈😈😈😈 / 5

Episode 5 - Detective Amenadiel
Partnerships are changed up this episode giving fans some Lucifer/Dan time that is greatly needed and really enjoyable to watch. Lesley-Ann Brandt and Rachael Harris put in one of the best performances to date and really show their acting prowess

😈😈😈😈 / 5

Episode 6 - BlueBallz
It's girls' night and the guys are left at home. We get to see another side of Lucifer when he becomes a little green monster instead. Personally, I found the episode a bit slow but the ending will have everyone talking for numerous reasons.

😈😈😈 / 5

Episode 7 - Our Mojo
Things are starting to get serious with a serial killer on the loose and an interesting development with Lucifer gift causes problems for our duo. This leads to an interesting dynamic for Chloe and Lucifer that leads into the next episode.

😈😈😈😈 / 5

Episode 8 - Spoiler Alert
Things step up a notch in this mid-season finale, strong performances from all including stellar work from Aimee Garcia in a scene that will blow your mind. Amazing stunt work and choreography add to an exciting finale.

😈😈😈😈😈 / 5

Episode Emojis

Episode 1: 🃏 😈 🚕

Episode 2: 👨‍🚀 🔫

Episode 3: 📺 👹 💪


Episode 4: 💍 👩‍👧 😂

Episode 5: ⛪ 😭 💏 

Episode 6: 🎧 🥳 📱 

Episode 7: 🌼 🎙️ 🤯

Episode 8: 🤥💉👿 

A Story through Music

Check back tomorrow for our final day of hell as we wait for Lucifer to return on Netflix on August 21st!

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