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Lucifer - Season 5A - Teasers Day 3

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Disclaimer:  This is a teaser article and does not contain major spoilers or details of what happens in the episodes. We will post a non-spoiler preview for the season on August 19th at 00:00 BST and a full review after August 21st.

To celebrate the return of Lucifer on Netflix on August 21st we have decided to bring back our highly popular teaser articles from last year, and give you "6 Days of Hell". That's right, it's going to be 6 days of hell leading up to the return of Lucifer to our screens. For the next few days, we will be posting teasers, interviews, episode previews, and more.

Don't forget to follow our dedicated Lucifer news twitter feed at  @STVLucifer or you can chat with me directly on @CJtheGeek.

Aug 15 00:00 BST - Ep1 & Ep2 Teasers
Aug 16 00:00 BST - Ep3 & Ep4 Teasers
Aug 17 00:00 BST - Ep5 & Ep6 Teasers
Aug 18 00:00 BST - Ep7 & Ep8 Teasers
Aug 19 00:00 BST - Season 5A Preview
Aug 20 00:00 BST - Exec Producer Interview (Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson)

6 Days of Hell - Day 3 Preview

Episode 5 and 6 "Out of context" Images

Episode 5 & 6 reactions in GIF's

Episode 5 & 6 Quotes

"If you finish that sentence I will punch you in your mysterious ways"

"I have faith in you, detective. You help the helpless."

"Bracelet bros for the win.....pcheeewww"

"You're not supposed to expose yourself"

"Pain and Suffering, music to my ears"

One Sentence Review - Episode 5 & 6

Things are getting serious and then that OMD moment, did not see that coming.

Things I said out loud while watching - Episode 5 & 6

"Love that partnerships have changed up"

"Does a group of nuns have a name, because that's a lot of nuns"

"The cast are really knocking it out the park each episode"

"Did that just happen....."

CJ's Challenge

Try and not do the following at the end of Episode 6.

Cryptic Clue


Check back tomorrow for another day of hell as we wait for Lucifer to return on Netflix on August 21st!

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