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In The Dark - Bad People - Review: "Better Bad Than Dead"

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After last episode`s reveal of Who Dunn it? The latest episode of In The Dark was all about the emotional fallout of Nia`s death and the upcoming consequences for the Guiding Hope kids. The episode was directed by David Grossman and written by Daniel Rogers

The episode foremost explained how Jess got to the bar in the first place. Sam busted Jess`s and Sterling`s idyllic getaway, so Sterling had to come clean about her past with Nia. Once again Brooke Markham blew me away. The emotional resonance she delivered with her body language told a much deeper story than any of her words could do. Once again she was betrayed and hurt but the only thing she could do at that moment was to focus and save her best friend`s life. So Jess stalked Murphy and got to the bar and did the only thing she could take the shot. The way the sequence was shot with so much intensity oozing out of the scene made it truly memorable. The embrace between Murphy and Jess meant the world at that moment. Their connection has such much baggage but is truly pure at its core and makes this show worth watching.

Afterward, we slowly caught up with all the flashback teases we saw over the season while the team was cleaning up the bar and prepping the bodies for transport. I really felt for Felix during this whole cannon drum. He really likes Chelsea and this whole situation is anything but beneficial for him. And being constantly outvoted doesn't really help his already lacking confidence, also with Max there he isn`t even a Beta he is like another food chain. Morgan Krantz delivered some amazing work during this season and the more screentime he gets the happier I am about this show.

Murphy and Max are seemingly heading in the right direction, the outdoor hook up was weird for sure but it helped them release tension. And Murphy`s smasher with "You`re such a girl", had me in chuckles. Their chemistry is off the chart and the way their damaged souls found each other and keep finding each other in these dark times keeps me invested. Their sincerity keeps their connection strong and the way the writers and directors keep focusing on them and their development make them and the show enjoyable to watch.

Jess and Sterling got all some sort of conclusion and while their future is uncertain I still have hope they will find back to each other. This new-found sincerity and outcoming attitude Jess brings to light shine through the show. Her speech to Sterling was really powerful and honest and once again gave Brooke Markham space to shine. Still, we have to consider the backgrounds these two are coming from. The two of them had very different paths in their lives and while Sterling had to do what she has done so far to survive, Jess comes out of a rather sheltered life. And while Sterling is used to betrayal and working the extra mile, Jess`s world is turned so much upside down that she can barely differentiate left from right. So when all the dust settles and Jess looks beyond the horizon there may be a new down for these two.

On the other side of town, Dean finally got the blows he deserved. With Nia`s death, he is out of all combinations and lost everything the aces up his sleeve. It was great seeing him so defeated, but desperate men do desperate things. So the ramifications of all these events should be fun and I don`t believe Dean will survive this season, while his death might be the season 3 mystery. Sam, meanwhile, took charge and made plans to avenge her former boss, but before that, she took care of Vincent who she blamed for Nia`s death as well. Sam is a dangerous player and it makes me wonder what her next move will be.

The episode ended with Josiah waiting for the Guiding Hope Kids in Murphy`s apartment. The final two episodes of the season are having a lot of stories to tell and a lot of action to unfold. I look forward to seeing it happen. What are your thoughts on Bad People? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Watch new In The Dark episodes Thursdays at 8/7 Central on the CW or stream the next day on the CW APP. Till next week. . .

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