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Doom Patrol - Episode 2.05 - Finger Patrol - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos

preview-158951739717d2e6bfc445ff8c4f571f001118bbmaster.th.jpg preview-158952554eda2c3f65424e64ac8084ccaeeac369master.th.jpg preview-15895174c59f50b3f03b487fb3d3c60bcf726b31master.th.jpg preview-15895177d59330fc477c49659da7ab4d52705404master.th.jpg preview-15895256e1ea666b4e994dc897b0b136d6f3f9b6master.th.jpg preview-15895178ac37eebd091d4bfbb4707fe8bed30723master.th.jpg

Press Release

Dorothy finally finds a friend in Baby Doll – until playtime goes awry. Cliff discovers that Niles plans to give him human-like upgrades. Vic devises a plan to win Roni back. After Rita has a lousy audition, Larry brings her along to meet his family and learns more about the life he left behind.