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Roswell, New Mexico - Say It Ain't So - Review

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This week on Roswell, New Mexico Jenna’s sister Charlie comes to town to look for her. She teams up with Max and Liz. Charlie and Max later go off on their own and rescue Jenna who doesn’t remember anything. When Charlie slips away Max confronts her and then there’s a very bright light. Maria delves deeper into her powers. She realizes that the necklace she’s wearing blocks it and gives it to Rosa, who desperately needs it after she overdoses on pills. Rosa had a very vivid dream while unconscious of a girl named Iris Sanchez (seemed a bit specific to be made up, to be honest). Maria has a vision of Max and Isobel’s mother. This vision leads Michael to figure out that the guy he’s been working for all this time is Walt, the little boy from the flashbacks. Alex goes on a date with Forrest but is not ready to come out yet. Liz digs into the Caulfield files. 

What’s the angle? So far, almost every storyline has been tied to aliens somehow. But Jenna and her sister’s storyline seems to be separate from that. Or is it? Because the way they abduct people, with the headlights, sure has that classic alien vibe. Unless that’s just their MO. Big white light, drugging people so that they don’t remember anything and afterward it sounds like a made-up alien abduction. But if these people were after Charlie and her research, why did they also take Mimi? I’m assuming it was the same people. Do they know about the visions? And if so, how? 

Math sucks: Michael was right, one necklace but two DeLuca women to protect. And now also Rosa. I get why Maria doesn’t want to wear it. Despite having seen what it did to her mother, so far the visions haven’t had any side effects for her. And it even helped save Kyle. I think she’s worried that if she wears the necklace to block the visions, that someone will get hurt when she could’ve prevented it. But it’s a dangerous game to not wear it until symptoms start to show. But I understand why she gave it to Rosa. Think about it, how is Rosa supposed to get clean, get her life together if even the slightest bit of anxiety causes electrical appliances to explode. As someone who has had negative side effects from anxiety and stress, it only makes you stress even more. It’s a vicious circle that you get trapped it. But giving Rosa the necklace to block her powers take some of the burdens away. Now she can focus on getting clean. But I still don’t think anyone will buy her being some distant cousin. 

Can’t say I blame her: When Liz and Michael argued about the research, I understood where both of them were coming from. Michael is terrified that he, Max, and Isobel will be discovered. But for Liz it must be so frustrating to have access to something that could be revolutionary, that could potentially cure all diseases, and not be able to use it. I don’t think she’d ever do anything that could expose them, but I also think that she won’t be able to help herself and do more research in secret. Just to see if she could do it. 

A little late: Well, Jesse Manes was right. He’s a failure but it’s a little late for that, isn’t it? And I’m not talking professionally here. He’s so focused on failing Tripp, he should be more focused on how he failed Alex as a father. I believe he’s a big part of the reason why Alex is still in the closet. His father never accepted him for who he is and he thinks the town will react the same way. I really enjoyed Alex’s scenes with Forrest this week. And I’m glad he told Alex that it’s okay that he’s not ready to come out yet. Everyone does this at their own pace. I hope we see him again in the future. 
Best quotes: Liz: “Ah, I am coming with, and don’t you dare say I have to stay cause it’s “police business”, you bar wench.” 
Forrest: “Cowboys versus aliens, huh?” Alex: “What can I say? I’m just a guy standing in front of a tourist trap asking a history buff to shoot him with high-velocity paint.” 
Michael: “Well, it was here a few months back! Did I miss an experiment where it grew legs and a fondness for the outdoors?” 
Jenna: “How long was I gone?” Max: “Uh, well… Taylor Swift is president.” Jenna: “Oh, that’s good. Someone less emotional in the Oval Office.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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